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Le logiciel #Openboard, pour les tableaux et vidéoprojecteurs interactifs, vient d'évoluer vers une nouvelle version 1.5.2, corrigeant quelques bugs.
Pensez à faire la mise à jour.

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January 22, 2019

The #Wine team is proud to announce that the stable release Wine 4.0 is now available.

This release represents a year of development effort and over 6,000 individual changes. It contains a large number of improvements that are listed in the release notes below. The main highlights are:

🔸 Vulkan support.
🔸 Direct3D 12 support.
🔸 Game controllers support.
🔸 High-DPI support on Android.


#FOSDEM 2019 will feature two Nextcloud talks:
"decentralize the way we sync, share and collaborate", Saturday, 15:30: fosdem.org/2019/schedule/event
"A private cloud for everyone" , Saturday, 15:00: fosdem.org/2019/schedule/event
Booth, like last year: Building K1-A.

See you in Brussels!

privacy notice is the usual joke as every time it comes up I have to disable again personalised ads... but then there is even a bigger joke which is the link to youronlinechoices.com which is supposed to allow opt out from the 100+ ads networks but it doesn't work as it can't connect to most of them.

I guess that's FUBAR by design as the site is maintained by the "European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance" aka adverts floggers.
Shouldn't some EU Commissions look at it?

Replace attachments with secure links using our #Nextcloud Secure Sharing Outlook Add-in! You can automatically clean those files after a certain time and based on specific conditions if you want, using our Workflow tools.

Learn how!

Important→ Someone hacked the official site of #PHP PEAR and replaced package manager (go-pear.phar) with a "tainted version"


If you have downloaded/updated #pearPHP package manager from its official site in past 6 months, consider yourself compromised. t.co/PUm7o9CP8S

GoDaddy weakness let bomb threat scammers hijack thousands of big-name domains hostux.news/posts/375

« If it's serious technology, we call it machine learning. If it is PowerPoint, we call it AI. » (Kaspersky) #FIC2019

Avec un accent russe (qui convient bien à parler de cybersécurité), Kaspersky dit que la France n''arrivera jamais à embaucher de bons hackers : « il faudrait qu'ils apprennent le français, or ils sont chinois ou latino-amricains. Et la scène malware française est [moue de mépris] » « Et puis vous ne leur donneriez pas de visa. » #FIC2019 #immigration

Don't hesitate to visit us during FIC at E20.

We have stickers but also we welcome any questions or ideas regarding threat intelligence or improvement proposals for MISP, research partnerships...

2.4.101 has been released with three main new features such as tag collections, improved tag/galaxy selector and the long awaited remote MISP instance caching.
And many bugs fixed.

Le monsieur d'Orange Cyberdéfense dit n'importe quoi, en parlant de « signaux faibles » à propos des #dDoS (alors que la plupart des DoS sont volumétriques). Et il a évidemment dit qu'ils utilisaient de l'IA pour détecter les attaques. #FIC2019

@x0rz I wonder what would happen if someone get web server's logs from haveibeenpwnd.com .They are at least 4 providers involved on this web: Google(Analytics), Raygun, Cloudflare, Microsoft (Azure). So if you check pswd there, you should always change it afterwards, no matter of results

If you use KeePass this might come handy: checks for known pwned passwords in your .kdbx github.com/fopina/kdbxpassword #password #leaks

The Dutch government says not to use "the web-only version of Office 365, or SharePoint Online" for #GDPR compliance reasons.

We agree - keep your data under control, use a self-hosted solution like #nextcloud with @CollaboraOffice@twitter.com or @only_office@twitter.com !

Next Digital Salon - a deep dive into the increasing use of tech, including IoT, in domestic abuse cases

Free, all welcome 05/02/19, 19:00 at @Level2Lu


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