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If you live around and have kids that would like to become nerds or just get some basics of coding, come to the Coding Goûter tomorrow at the :

Ouch… There are good reasons why you want to keep data within your infrastructure.

Every thirdparty can leak your data and then you have to clean the mess with your customers:

Example: Hosted #Zendesk was breached… Hello fancy companies who have to tell me my data were exposed?

I wonder how many companies now bother to inform their customers.

#privacy #SaaS #selfhosting #infosec

I'm still looking for reviewers for my book: Contribute to Open Source: The Right Way.
If you are interested I can send the pdf/epub.

PS: Did you know that the book is GPL licensed and will be released on GitHub?


Want to support us through a non-profit organization? We're on Liberapay!

podcast with me and @gunstick is now live.

We talked about:
- new consent judgement
- 's circumvention of Safari cookies blocker judgement
- Microsoft trying to trick you in creating accounts instead of local ones in 10
- @LuxSecurityWeek @hack_lu @MISPProject @BSidesLux
- @Snowden's book
- etc...

Welcome to v3.0

It seems like all is working just fine.


1. Nous sommes passé de « Belle pièce de désinformation » à « ce qui me gêne dans cet article »... Ce n’est pas sérieux, surtout quand on est VP de la

Reprenons un peu les faits et débattons lieu de dire des bêtises


I'm looking at v3.0...

... I'll probably break things in a short while.

Synapse focused release is out!

That will give me something to do this weekend.

Users of prepare for a short downtime.

So finally it has been confirmed that consent has to be explicitly provided to place cookies in a browser.

Vous connaissez un pro de #LibreOffice ? La ville de #Nancy va passer de Microsoft Office 2003 à LibreOffice à partir du 1 décembre et cherche un CDD de 6 mois pour les accompagner !


#JeRecrute #JeChercheUnJob #Lorraine

I guess some may start realising that I could be a bit of a pain if they don't start implementing and reducing their dependency on

Déframasoftisons Internet ! #TootOuRien

Ne hurlez pas tout de suite, mais nous annonçons ici la fermeture progressive, sur plusieurs années, de certains services de « Dégooglisons Internet ». Nous voulons le faire en bonne intelligence, afin de concentrer nos énergies vers plus de décentralisation et d'efficacité pour les actrices et les acteur

#Communaute #Degooglisons #GAFAM #Internet #Libre #Planet #PlanetEdu #RezoTIC


Heading to the Conference now. At 14:15 I am speaking about some technical voodoo with and so. #occon19


Day 2 of the #occon19
We prepare for our first talk from
"Why we contribute to open source projects"

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