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Reading C-311/18 /#PrivacyShield,
EU Commission (2010/87/EU) art. 4a and EU EDPB FAQs point 5 I can only infer that it's unethical and illegal for US providers to state they can transfer and process personal data even when they claim tha data stays in EU (which it doesn't).

Change my mind.

ALPACA is an application layer protocol content confusion attack, exploiting TLS servers implementing different protocols but using compatible certificates, such as multi-domain or wildcard certificates. Attackers can redirect traffic from one subdomain to another, resulting in a valid TLS session. This breaks the authentication of TLS and cross-protocol attacks may be possible where the behavior of one protocol service may compromise the other at the application layer.

Twitter, venture capital e unicorni: un bell'articolo di Aral Balkan @aral sull'impossibilità di riformare Big Tech e il capitalismo di sorveglianza, qui l'articolo originale: e qui la traduzione francese a cura di @Framasoft: che sceglie il poetico titolo di "Va te faire foutre, Twitter". È il caso di dire: "Scusate il francesismo... " 😉 @softwarelibero @devol @maupao @paolo @filippodb

Local communities help to spread the word about LibreOffice, and encourage users to get involved. In May, the Albanian community had its first in-person meetup in quite a while! More here:

I've voted for the pre-selection of GAIA-X AISBL members of the Board of Directors.

I voted for those I feel will make a platform based on , respectful of and EU's principles.

I hope that those sharing my views will vote for me as well.

Vorremmo ringraziare tutti quelli che ci hanno offerto un caffè :)

Abbiamo ricevuto 100 caffè in 6 mesi su ko-fi, grazie mille!!

il contributo è una tazza di caffè che per noi ha un grande valore umano di vicinanza, amicizia e supporto morale!

#Devol fornisce gratuitamente applicazioni #opensource decentralizzate e rispettose della #privacy allo scopo di proteggere le nostre informazioni e l'anonimato contro la sorveglianza globale e per promuovere il #softwarelibero

Just published Google lawsuit evidence indicates that like always retained users' location data, even if disabled in user interface, to the extent that its own employees flashed LineageOS on their phones to avoid tracking. Full thread on

#privacy #google

Sesto articolo tratto dal progetto Web design for the planet, Come ottimizzare i font per realizzare siti web in modo eco-sostenibile:
Per concludere la serie di traduzioni una "bonus trad" 😉 , Come applicare il metodo di Marie Kondo ai siti web: @softwarelibero @devol @ambiente @amreo @wikimediaitalia @maupao @filippodb #sostenibilità #webdesign I 7 articoli in un unico bouquet di @ladigitale :

🇬🇧 #ePrivacy regulation: Trilogue negotiations start today. EU governments, under massive lobbying pressure, trying to legalize mandatory and voluntary #dataretention, exploitation of data and pervasive tracking of our online activities: #EUDataP

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In 47 tweet e quasi altrettante GIF (!!!) @Framasoft
risponde a chi, mettendola a confronto con Google, chiedeva quante startup, quanti posti di lavoro, quante innovazioni avesse creato: :frama: 🔝 #framasoft #softwarelibero #contributopia #GAFAM @softwarelibero @maupao @paolo

Amazon’s Ring is the largest civilian surveillance network the US has ever seen. One in 10 US police departments can now access videos from millions of privately owned home security cameras without a warrant.

I'm creating embedded Linux distribution from scratch that fits on a single floppy (1MB at the moment), runs latest kernel and can boot on a 486DX PC.

More info soon with an easy to understand tutorial!

#Linux #Embedded #FDD

Y a des contributeurs #OpenStreetMap qui maîtrisent l'import de bâtis du cadastre dans OSM ?

J'ai trouvé un lotissement entier (~60 maisons) et je voudrai rajouter les maisons facilement... JOSM et moi, ça fait vraiment deux ; j'ai bien les 2 couches mais je ne sais pas finaliser... :(

Un petit tuto vidéo quelque part 🙏

Cool, a page that lists how compatible apps are with #degoogled #Android devices: with or without #microg.

𝘛𝘪𝘱: Contribute your own data if you see a missing app! @microg

Vaccine sorted!

No changes yet detected in relation to signal strength.

In Francia l'economia del sw libero vale miliardi di euro. È solo una delle cose notevoli che apprendiamo da J.C. De Martin in questa splendida lezione:

Il 19 Maggio alle 21 puoi scoprire se e come il tuo telefono Android può diventare davvero tuo.

last year I gave this Star Wars styled presentation about and resilience at the event organised by the
Cybersecurity Competence Centre in Luxembourg:

As an update on the "Hypocrite Commits" scandal, the authors have now withdrawn the paper from the IEEE S&P 2021 symposium.

Withdrawal letter:


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