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Vous avez aimé la communication du gouvernement sur #whatsapp ?
En revoilà une couche avec la communication des ministres en #facebook_live !

On est à des années lumières de l'indépendance numérique, expression omniprésente dans les discours politiques.

« On est prêts » signifie en fait « on est prêts à se prosterner encore un peu plus devant les #GAFAM+ et à vous obliger à leur donner vos données personnelles si vous voulez avoir des informations ».

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Scammers now sending old passwords to associated emails from old leaks, good reminder for anyone who still don't use unique passwords.

We have some new features in the widget functionality of MISP such as selecting points to show the delta between values (check the example below in the MISP used for covid-19). These features will be in the next release of MISP. Thanks to @mokaddem_sami for the

"I've seen things that you people wouldn't believe: 160 teachers in a video conference room behaving in a civilised manner and not talking over each other."

Sometimes humanity can be amazing.

Secondo giorno del diario di bordo di come @Framasoft affronta l'isolamento causato da #COVID19 in Francia, questa volta è il direttore Pierre Yves Gosset a scriverlo: Ne viene fuori il quadro di una comunità resiliente e solidale anche in una situazione difficilissima Un grazie di cuore a @pyg per la testimonianza e le riflessioni #softwarelibero #contributopia @maupao @paolo @wikimediaitalia @valigiablu @Ca_Gi

Service notice for today's general assembly:

Members do not need to come to
Level2 in person to participate to our General Assembly.

You can also participate using our video conferencing platform. Check your email for the link.

Una possibilità del #softwarelibero è quella della decentralizzazione: ecco che abbiamo a disposizione almeno 10 luoghi dove usare #jitsi @nilocram @paolo


Suggerimento se avete figli o figlie in casa in questi giorni; tra le tante attivita', installate Celestia, un software opensource con cui esplorare virtualmente il sistema solare. Con Anna Wislawa abbiamo appena vistro tramontare Saturno dall'orizzonte di Titano, fidatevi.


Setting up the Big Blue Button.

A few sysadmin are desperate as the usual suspects use the flu panic to convince schools to use their "Cloud" stuff so they asked me if I knew of some alternatives.

It seems very promising, I'll report back after the installation.

@dick_turpin Mad cow disease, anyone? Where they said in 15 years we would say people losing their brains? Oh, shoot! That happened, it's called #Brexit :)

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