Mastodon é strutturato più o meno come Twitter, ma più sereno, senza pubblicità, TL controllate, corsa agli hashtag, troll, moderazione automatica. É slegato da entità commerciali ed ognuno può crearsi il proprio server Mastodon stabilendo le policy che preferisce

Any of my mastofam gonna be in #London today for the march? This will be my only open toot about it. I’ll CW everything else.

Suggested activities for today if you live in :

14:00 March against of the at Place de l'Europe in Kirchberg

15:30 Introduction to Python development at

See you there.

I've got the feeling that I'll have to update an old presentation I made for a as history may be repeating itself soon.

Do you have the same feeling @cataspanglish?

The city of Amsterdam is creating a digital map where you can find all digital surveillance/data collection devices like cameras, both public and private/business owned. Great initiative to create some #transparency!

Hi Will @Tech_Litig8or, welcome to Mastodon.
Make yourself comfortable, maybe add a nice description and picture to your profile, present yourself with an tag and start building up a network of people you find interesting.

Feel free to talk about and, if you wish, to discuss also about the latest article I written.

Got my article approved for publishing on the European Commission portal!

Talking about etc...

Let me know what you think about it:

Another subproject of Sequoia

Hagrid is a verifying OpenPGP key server. When a new key is uploaded a
token is sent to each user ID via email. This token can be used to verify the
user ID. Keys can be queried by their verified user IDs (exact match) and their
primary keys fingerprint. Keys can be deleted by clicking a link send to all
user IDs.

Désinformation, le rapport – 2 #Framablog #TootOuRien

La traduction suivante est la suite et la continuation du travail entamé la semaine dernière sur le long rapport final élaboré par le comité « Digital, Culture, Media and Sport » du Parlement britannique, publié le 14 février dernier, sur la désinformation et la mésinformation.

Il s'agit cette fois de poser le décor. Participants, méthodes de trav…

"Attacks bypass MFA on Office 365 and G Suite accounts via IMAP Protocol.

IMAP is a legacy authentication protocol that bypasses multifactor authentication (MFA)."

Ooooh, look, another "security" related page that does not want to be read by me. Cool.

Thanks to reader @attac_hl for pointing out the customisable route planning site OpenRouteService:

It uses OpenStreetMap data, but offers more options for routing and vehicles.

#Maps #OpenStreetMap #Alternatives

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