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@nedelne_rano #Mailpile is a mail client, but we also struggle to meet their requirements.

GMail is shutting its doors.

Ce soir cari de camarons et crevette, riz rougail tomates comme à la :-)

Yesterday the US Chief Twitter Officer threatened to impose tariffs on French wine or "it might be on something else" he said.

Let's hope he doesn't discover that locking out our repositories would affect us even more.

It seems like they want to push the world to stop being reliant on US owned corporations. I think we should satisfy their demand this time to make them happy.

Yesterday owned
@github locked out of their accounts developers of Iranian nationality living around the world.

Today is them but what if one day the decides to tax properly US corporations and we wake up finding our accounts blocked?

It's an absolute scorchio out there as reported by local news but a has also been reported:

The new ownCloud app for iOS just got an update:
Version 1.0.3 adds support for local user names with @ inside in sharing.

Update now!
Or in case you haven’t already given the new app a try: Test it now! It’s free.

#ios #mobile #filesharing #opensource

I've just discovered that in we have an area dedicated to for industrial services. It seems like is way ahead of everybody else.


Sysadmins: "It's secure because it's in a container"


Karl-Heinz Streibich, president of, advocates a virtual, federal and decentralized European #cloud #infrastructure.

Well, there is a software with excellent Federated Cloud Sharing capabilities:

Let’s get going – for more digital sovereignty!

Hmm. Reading a 2017 hackernoon blog on Mastodon .. that suggested tooter[dot] today to search for ‘instances’ .. that link takes you through a nest of nastiness to this 👇

Reading few recent articles about so called experts recommending What'sApp or Signal instead of GPG.

How is centralized service, without possibility to federate supposed to be better?

Or better how could ever be completely closed source service managed by Facebook with new privacy violations every week be better?

Someone should teach the journalists the differences..

Facebook devra lâcher 5 milliards de dollars d'amende -

> Les autorités américaines de régulation infligeraient à Facebook une amende record de 5 milliards de dollars pour manquement à la protection des données personnelles, annoncent certains médias. Une décision qui résulte d’un accord à l’amiable avec le réseau social, mais qui est déjà critiquée.


You should block adverts on your devices. And make your friends and family block ads on their devices.

People who watch adverts are like anti-vaxxers - blissfully unaware of the benefits of herd-immunity. And dangerously undermining our collective safety.


"Math is not going to save society"
Exactly! To many people think that technological purity is the thing to save us all.
We have to ensure that people understand the problems and that we have an effective societal remedy.

See what happened in apartheid South Africa


Many young people prioritise convenience over their privacy.
Can we judge people for acting in line with modern society?
I think we need to engage in consciousness raising. Make it part of the conversation that they're making a trade. If they understand and agree then that's fine. But they need informed consent.


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