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Reading C-311/18 /#PrivacyShield,
EU Commission (2010/87/EU) art. 4a and EU EDPB FAQs point 5 I can only infer that it's unethical and illegal for US providers to state they can transfer and process personal data even when they claim tha data stays in EU (which it doesn't).

Change my mind.

Website blocking: No copyright liability for DNS services! – GFF – Gesellschaft für Freiheitsrechte e.V.

«The Society for Civil Rights (Gesellschaft für Freiheitsrechte e.V.). (GFF) supports the independent DNS resolver Quad9 in a court case against an interim injunction ordering Quad9 to set up network blocks. The blocking of entire websites is a threat to freedom of information on the Internet. […]»

Julia Reda FTW

The company I work at is hiring.

Want to work at a sustainable webhosting company that cares about human rights, privacy, a open internet and all that kind of good stuff?

Have a look at our vacancies:

From #Android developers to e-commerce sales manager, /e/ is recruiting a lot of profiles at the moment!
We are an international team, full remote, cool people... and we build a great pro-privacy mobile operating system for all.

Join us! ->


#jeRecrute (pas moi mais mon employeur). C'est pas parce que c'est l'été qu'il faut renoncer à chercher du travail, tout le monde n'est pas sur la plage :

Administrateur Système
Conseiller de clientèle
Ingénieur R&D – Cybersécurité
Testeur QA

RT @kaepora
We are now at over 3,000 screeching voices of the minority! We tried to vet every signature.

Our open letter now illustrates a very strong opposition to Apple's new content screening measures.

Thanks @Snowden for keeping me and @georgionic up all night!

I'm hiring at least 4 application security engineers. You a decent #pentester, know your way around Ghidra or IDA, programmer who groks security stuff, or OS expert? Wanna break security software? Want your findings to actually get fixed? This could be your thing, DM me!

Fully remote-first, distributed team and company, solid comp and benefits

#getfedihired #jobs #appsec #infosec

How can I find people who share my interests?

(3D printing, coding with kids etc)

Not sure I am doing this right...

I've tried searching for related terms via my mastodon instance ; chasing the few hashtags and discussions I see pop up in my timeline ; searching ...

Is there any global mastodon search anywhere that would at least yield results from public timelines?

Does anyone have the old 90’s distressed graphic of Bill Gates getting pied in the face?

Tutorial #uMap: quarta puntata.
Incuranti del caldo e dell'afa, ci avventuriamo tra i tutorial del "livello intermedio", ecco la traduzione del primo:
Un grosso grazie ad Antoine Riche che ho scoperto solo di recente essere l'autore dei tutorial pubblicati da Carto Cité. #softwarelibero #webmapping #OpenStreetMap #mappe #traduzioni #mappe @softwarelibero @maupao @filippodb @paolo @steko @informapirata

Interesting idea!

QT davehorton: Every company that uses open-source software should report at least annually on their use of, support of and impact on the open-source ecosystem they are part of.

If you are not doing it, start doing it.


It’s been an epic week in Matrix with announcing adopting Matrix, work starting on native Matrix video/voip conferencing (at last!) & now the Royal Navy experimenting with low bandwidth Matrix. One can only imagine what next week will bring ;) 🚀

Interested in getting updates right to your inbox when new betas or release candidates are available for testing? Sign-up for our beta program! 📧🗒

New blog post: How (not) to talk about #hackers in #media

Excessive use by the media of words “hacker”, “hacking”, “hack”, and the like, whenever a story concerns online break-ins, leaks, and cyberattacks is problematic:

- Makes it hard to inform the public accurately about causes of a given event, and thus makes it all but impossible to have an informed debate about it.

- Demonizes a creative community of tinkerers, artists, IT researchers, and information security experts.

Tutorial #uMap: terza puntata. Tradotto anche il quarto tutorial dal wiki di Carto Citè:
Come promesso, arriva anche il link ai tutorial in formato .pdf:,ì ospitati sul servizio #opensource #Canoprof gestito dal ministero dell'istruzione francese e accessibile anche agli insegnanti italiani #webmapping #OpenStreetMap #softwarelibero #contributopia
#scuola @softwarelibero @maupao @paolo @filippodb @informapirata @steko @scuola

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