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THANK YOU @doctorow@twitter.com for this: "1. That's not how property works. I bought it, I own it, and I am not under any obligation to arrange my affairs to benefit shareholders of HP at my own expense. 2. The ink is not subsidized. They are charging 100s […]" threadreaderapp.com/thread/109

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OK, I have a question. How do I tell folks how to find me on Mastodon. I'm assuming that because of its decentralized nature that simply @BrideOfLinux won't do it.

You know the tech giants will be forced to provide backdoors to your data if they don't already, right? Backdoors that can be used by criminals, too, as has been shown already many times?

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It would be very helpful if we could get Hootsuite to support Mastodon. With Google Plus already out the door, maybe we could get them to add Mastodon to the list of social and anti-social networks they support.

Well, here I am. It'll take me a while to learn my way around, but here I am. 😀

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