Yesterday owned
@github locked out of their accounts developers of Iranian nationality living around the world.

Today is them but what if one day the decides to tax properly US corporations and we wake up finding our accounts blocked?


I don't think it's helpful to compare sanctions to tax and trade between democratic countries (or blocks of countries).

Personally I don't agree with US sanctions on Iran as stemming from the US exiting from the anti-nuclear proliferation deal, but sanctions policy is not a discrimination or trade issue.


@szbalint I totally agree with you but only if we were dealing with a country governed by rational people interested in working in partnership with its allies.

There have been many other cases but Huawei is the most recent and blatant example of sanctions due economical issues but marketed as security issues.

How long before we get banned from buying/selling services as we displeased someone in the US?

Not long I think:

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