Remember Netizens... you are only free because you haven't threatened the right people.

@thegibson I am surprised every time they let me on a plane.

Figured I would be on "that list" by now.


I'm on a few of their lists... still let me fly too.

@TheGibson Of course they do, if they didn’t you probably would end up travelling less officially, which would be harder to track.


@arcans @sblaydes

I had access to private air-travel for some 7-8 years post 9/11

It was nice.

@thegibson @arcans Tempted to try to get banned from a country. Any suggestions on which one to try first?


The Vatican?
It would be a great achievement as they haven't banned the worst dictators and mafia men.
@thegibson @arcans

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