@jk Keep your expectations low, and your wallet open ;)

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for the last 10 years i periodically ask someone whos really into 3d printers "are 3d printers actually good yet?" and they're like "yeah! theyre amazing!" and then i actually do my own research and they still take like 19 hours to print anything and they can't print anything bigger than about 25 or 30cm wide, and even the best ones have lines on everything you have to sand off, or resin curing bullshit to deal with, and even the ones that cost $4000 still have several (or all) of these problems

Here’s a fantastic rabbit-hole for you, just in time for whatever lockdown phase you’re currently in ;)

D M L - distributed mode loudspeakers

Start with this overview, and then go ahead and build your own!

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I like the term "Fediverse", because it's a portmanteau of "federation", "universe" and "diverse", and I think that describes it quite accurately ☺️

So the communities are still there, which is nice.

But it's all quite ephemeral, in an IRC/slack/whatever-chat-you-fancy format. (It is searchable though.)

And unfortunately, all of this is happening in a closed silo. Maybe there is a fediverse alternative? And maybe one day, this will actually be used by the masses? ;)

Some events set up temporary discords with a huge amount of channels, e.g. VERRF.

And a lot of youtubers have a discord too - unfortunately some bigger names just aren't present in their own servers!

I like the (relatively speaking) smaller ones that are actually involved themselves in their community, along with a very helpful pool of moderators, e.g. the 3DP professor: discord.gg/rpwXqE5

Sure, have some 3D discords :)

Probably the biggest one is the general "3D Printing Discord": discord.gg/fKWjR5T

There's also more specific communities around projects like Octoprint, Marlin or Voron that have very helpful, active discords:

Many vendors and brands also have their own discord, e.g. E3D.
Other non-official discords exist around brands, like Prusa for instance.

Did I mention that the kids love the PrintABloks?
After the Christmas presents were unwrapped, they went back to play with the old toys! :D

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@normandc I believe that Facebook and reddit have a lot of quantity, but some discord servers have the community and quality you’re looking for.

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Every time I need to persist some simple data on a web app, I go through a dreaded “which database should I use?” process which – given I’m not building a global panopticon – is *always* overkill so I’ve decided to bite the bullet and write a very basic transparent (using Proxy) in-memory database for Site.js that flushes to JSON files on each write and is available on all your routes so you can use it without knowing you’re using a database. Working title: What Database? :)

#SmallWeb #SiteJS

@xakan Hello, je passe par là en me baladant sur
La progression logique serait d’essayer le ASA après le PETG.

The problem with making your own chocolate at home is... actually wait, no, there is no problem! ;)

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Check out these amazing sportspeople...err, sportsmarbles 🤣


The sports commentator of the Marble Olympics is truly hypnotising!

The GouvAlert.lu app is the local Slashdot effect.

You won't be able to access meteolux.lu right now, due to the silly weather alerts that the app puts out.

@paolo AI consultants as a service ?!
The future is here ;)

Vous prenez parfois le bus ?

Alors VOTEZ pour nos jeunes codeurs Leo et Henri au Prix de la Jeunesse !


(Leur projet BUSTER.lu est en jaune au milieu de la page de vote)

Merci d'avance pour vos votes et boosts ! Aidez nos jeunes Davids contre Goliath en partageant largement autour de vous :)

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