Did I mention that the kids love the PrintABloks?
After the Christmas presents were unwrapped, they went back to play with the old toys! :D

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The problem with making your own chocolate at home is... actually wait, no, there is no problem! ;)

Check out these amazing sportspeople...err, sportsmarbles 🤣


The sports commentator of the Marble Olympics is truly hypnotising!

Vous prenez parfois le bus ?

Alors VOTEZ pour nos jeunes codeurs Leo et Henri au Prix de la Jeunesse !


(Leur projet BUSTER.lu est en jaune au milieu de la page de vote)

Merci d'avance pour vos votes et boosts ! Aidez nos jeunes Davids contre Goliath en partageant largement autour de vous :)

En cette Journée Internationale des Femmes, je suis trrrès très fier de notre équipe exclusivement féminine, les CoderDojo Girls qui se lancent dans le hackathon Game Of Code !

The other day, I thought about some medals that I needed... and then they became real, tangible!
How amazing is that?

+ = creative superpowers ❤️

sources, in case you want to remix: beetleblocks.com/users/welfrin

Let's learn some cryptocurrency slang: HODL = holding your coins instead of selling them.

cf en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hodl

Back in the days, life was good and technology was simpler - Remember when @PayPal was the only in town? ;)

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