I don't want to watch tech videos by cis straight white dudes

I just don't


@AbbieNormal I am cis white male. How should I take this? Should I not let you know of I ever become a tech youtuber? What do you mean?


ok, several things:

1) I'm referring to this video and precisely to the sentences from 02:18

he assures the toxic share of his audience that this is not censorship

"that's not the point"

"you chose or didn't choose to be"

So: this reassurance disappoints me

I have been following the guy for a while because t seemed to me that he was fine

So he was an exception



what's wrong in censoring an homophobe ?


the problem here is not what's wrong or right

The point is he tried to not rub the wrong way a share of hs audience he knows is toxic


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