Looks like XFCE redid their icons based on our most recent GNOME icon style :P

A bit of pedantry:
- Ideally all icons should cover a similar area, but since all base shapes have the same height here, the square icons are way too big
- A number of icons that really need some gradients/3D don't have any (e.g. the coffee cup in the preview icon)
- Some icons have Tango-ish 1px lines and gloss, which feel out of place (e.g. the x and gear emblems in the top left)


For reference, some background material on the GNOME icon style:

Icon design tutorial, which explains in detail how to produce the style blogs.gnome.org/tbernard/2019/

My LGM talk, including a demo of how to draw icons in Inkscape conf.tube/videos/watch/d487585

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@tbernard looking at the positive side they are much better than previous version


@tbernard and I am happy to see that Xfce is following the GNOME design lead. I think there can be a place for them as an extremely lightweight alternative to GNOME. Maybe I am too optimistic just beacuse it was one of the DE I enjoyed more in the past

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