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The name #longcovid is still the most appropriate. It's an umbrella term that doesn't assume knowledge other than the knowledge that the illness is long and that some people are not fully recovering @bmj_latest
Thanks @VickiGSP for the brilliant animation

"Strumenti liberi per la didattica a distanza e l'amministrazione pubblica" è il seminario svoltosi lo scorso 26 Febbraio organizzato dal CISP e dal DETECT dell'Università di Pisa.

Di seguito il link alla registrazione della conferenza, e una chat xmpp contestuale (le due icone piccole in un angolo del filmato permettono di aprirla). Per chi volesse continuare ad argomentare.



@ChrisWere Thanks! I'm loving working on it, especially at what couldn't be a more urgent time for the project to exist.

There is a quick-start guide for self-hosting at snikket.org/service/quickstart

If you can wait until later this week we'll have a new release out with way more features though!

If you can't wait that long and want a sneak peek at my development server DM me and I'll hook you up so you can play around :)

Added a new page to our website with an overview of the project and its goals: snikket.org/about/goals/

May help answer "What is Snikket about?" for some of you!

New blog post: "Products vs Protocols: What Signal got right"

This extended version of @mattj's recent #FOSDEM talk explores the thinking behind Snikket, and what #XMPP and #decentralized protocols can learn from #Signal's success.

Nella calza della Befana trovate anche la quarta puntata della traduzione italiana di "Ce que @Framasoft aimerait faire en 2021 grâce à vos dons": nilocram.wordpress.com/2021/01 La versione in #podcast della quarta puntata si può ascoltare qui: funkwhale.it/library/tracks/11 In questa puntata i progetti di educazione popolare di #Framasoft @maupao @paolo @goofy @wikimediaitalia @softwarelibero
@devol @filippodb @rresoli #fediverso Molto interessante il progetto delle #Metacarte

Terza puntata della traduzione italiana di "Ce que @Framasoft aimerait faire en 2021 grâce à vos dons": nilocram.wordpress.com/2021/01 La versione in #podcast della terza puntata si può ascoltare qui: funkwhale.it/library/tracks/11 In questa puntata: perché deframasoftizzare, il collettivo #Chatons e altri progetti liberi #Framasoft #softwarelibero @maupao @goofy @paolo @devol @filippodb @wikimediaitalia @softwarelibero Ma quanto sono belle le illustrazioni di @davidrevoy !

AntennaPod è un lettore #podcast per #Android che ha di recente rilasciato la versione 2.0

AntennaPod come #funkwhale sono progetti #opensource sviluppati da volontari senza alcun interesse commerciale e quindi rispettano la privacy.

E possibile iscriversi a qualsiasi #feed #RSS e grazie a @toad sono già presenti tutti i podcast di funkwhale.it, grazie! :)

Con #AntennaPod, è possibile scaricare gli episodi anche automaticamente e ascoltarli ovunque:


"Future of data economy: a conversation with Thierry Breton and Maximilian Schrems" is now available on

Very nice conversation about


I'm wondering if the EDPB shouldn't intervene with an official communication against as they are once again misleading the public, first with their invalid SCCs and now by stating they comply and exceed EDPB's recommendations.

There is absolutely nothing in their blog and attached document that resembles any of the additional measures required to comply with EDPB's recommendations but it seems like it doesn't really matter to them.


Consumers should have real control over their information, and ways to stand up and advocate for themselves.

It undermines privacy to encourage people to accept the scraps of an exploitative system. eff.org/deeplinks/2020/10/why-

Finally the the European Commission unveiled its Open Source strategy 2020-2023.

It seems like finally we'll see a proper move in terms of adoption not just by European institutions but also from Governments and private companies now that the EC is making the first bold and official move.


e Foundation has received a financial grant from SIDN Fund
to support the development of an integrated privacy center for #Android and improve PWA support in /e/OS.
Find out more here:
Read in Dutch here:
#privacy #opensource #yourdataisYOURdata

@bjoern @antonlopez

Tray icon for desktops supporting StatusNotifierItem spec (also known as appindicator) is planned for the future, as well as exposing the feature to run in background through the user interface ;)

Yesterday, I finally pushed my current source code implementing the Exposure Notification API to the @microg git repository.
This will allow using apps that use the Google/Apple framework for COVID-19 contact tracing on Android devices without the Google tracking it usually involves.

The current code is already functional, but still needs some improvements before it's ready for general public, but I am certain it's going to make it in the next @microg release.

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