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You are working with platforms and have ideas that can benefit from EU funding?
Then you should watch this video and participate to the challenge:

Given the infiltration of Twitter, how many foreign agents work for @Google, @Microsoft, @amazon, and @facebook?

Ex-Twitter staff charged with spying for Saudi royals: Duo accused of leaking account records, including those of c… 

We just discovered at @MITREattack EU community
that @elastic recently released a new filebeat module for MISP . …

"Microsoft does not publish a list of what is compatible with Windows 10" 

NSA to Congress: Our spy programs don’t work, aren’t used, or have gone wrong – now can you permanently reauthorize… 

Love LibreOffice? Contribute back – join our worldwide community of developers, translators, bug hunters, supporters and more! Check out our community map to find someone near you:

New tender: The Document Foundation (TDF), the charitable entity behind the world’s leading free office suite LibreOffice, seeks for companies or individuals to provide consultancy on implementing ODF 1.3 conformance in LibreOffice:

RHSA-2019:3401: Important: Red Hat Security Advisory: 389-ds:1.4 security, bug fix, and enhancement update 

We are doing a Webinar this Thursday with @adulau @Iglocska and myself on @MISPProject with @devo_Inc you can register 

Seriously outstanding work by the CIRL team. Reducing this particular bit of digital toxic waste make us all (yes, including *you*) safer.

Getting this down to 1% is a herculean task.

Shame on those remaining …

MITRE ATT&CK Sightings + (future) @MISPProject integration is one of the coolest things to come out of @MITREattack so …

If you have been using the feed of … in @MISPProject : note that it’s been to set to force use of HTTPS for all requests (long overdue setting, not all requests were redirected) …

Tech and mobile companies want to monetise your data ... but are scared of GDPR 

Don't forget to add both threat actor and @MITREattack patterns when encoding events in @MISPProject, that way you ensure that you have the information needed to be able to pivot on threat actors and get an overview of their used techniques.

Want to share your experience about CTI, practical use of @MISPProject in your SOC or threat intelligence team don't forget to submit to the @FIRSTdotOrg CTI Symposium. …

ShareDrop – P2P File Transfer Using WebRTC

ShareDrop is HTML5 clone of Apple AirDrop service. It allows you to transfer files directly between devices, without having to upload them to any server first. It uses WebRTC for secure peer-to-peer file transfer and Firebase for presence management and WebRTC signaling.

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