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"Facebook, along with Amazon, Alphabet, and a few others, present a problem that is fundamentally different from those of other industries. As long as they traffic in data – and as long as data remains the lifeblood of democracy and economy alike – these firms will exercise disproportionate and undue influence over decisions that ought to be decided in parliaments (...) A business model, however profitable, is never a sound foundation for robust democracy."

Testing Sequoia encryption/decryption speed. Results are significantly better than GnuPG. Time to switch your projects from GnuPG to Sequoia.

While searching for something else I found this:

So the famous "Don't be evil" isn't a myth, it was actually written in Google's pre IPO Sec filing. Then things changed.

Il reste 26 jours avant la fin de la campagne de financement de @mobilizon et 8500 euros à rassembler pour atteindre l'objectif. .. Je dis çà, je dis rien... Mais il faut se bouger

#framasoft #mobilizon #events #libre


La clé GPG publique de Mozilla contient des messages subliminaux😯

Cher Mastodon, je cherche à lister les #logicielslibres produits ou améliorés par des laboratoires de recherche français, peux-tu m'aider?

Les contributions sont les bienvenues sur ce dépôt : 🙏

Hi all. My name's Chris Were and I work as a reporter at the Monmouthshire Beacon.

I'm not new to the #Fediverse but I thought I'd join Toot.Wales since it's a bit more relevant to what I do and looks like a really fun place to be.

I'm looking forward to getting to know you all.

#Introduction #Introductions

Sorry for all that may meet me today but I'll be wearing shorts. If you are easily disturbed by the sight of blinding white skinny legs stay clear of the area.

@Framasoft ha lanciato la campagna per finanziare #Mobilizon un #softwalibero, decentrato e federato per sostituire gli eventi di Facebook e non solo:
In due giorni
ha raccolto più di 15000 euro. È proprio vero che insieme si va più lontano :) Possiamo dare una mano anche noi? L'elenco di tutti i servizi liberi di #Framasoft lo trovate qui: @Ca_Gi @paolo @steko @karjudev @Shamar @adrianomaini @maupao

French citizens out to vote in all at the same time?
No parking in the areas around the polling station.

Encryption Europe is an industry alliance of European companies committed to make encryption simple, useful and stable for everyone.

To become a member of Encryption Europe is simple: no weak encryption solutions or products, no backdoors, no key escrows. We represent and promote the best practice in encryption standards.

In Europe, no security without privacy.

Le site d'Instagram a laissé fuiter des données pendant des mois -

> La divulgation de ces données au travers du code source pourrait permettre à des pirates d'exfiltrer les données du site Web d'Instagram et ainsi d'établir un annuaire téléphonique virtuel comprenant les coordonnées de milliers d'utilisateurs d'Instagram.

#Instagram #infosec #Facebook

As Google denies Huawei access to the proprietary components of the Android mobile operating system, we have to ask a fundamental question: how dependent does the world want to make itself on proprietary software.

We are now live on Radio ARA

With @gunstick and Marc talking about Make It and tomorrow's robot challenge in Rosport:

I may say something about this weeks hacks if we have some time left.

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