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Il CEO e fondatore di #NextCloud Frank Karlitschek è stato avvicinato da un avvocato di #Microsoft per concludere un accordo.

Microsoft ha offerto a Nextcloud vantaggi sotto forma di collaborazione e marketing. Ad esempio, promuovere il logo di Nextcloud nel materiale di marketing di Microsoft, a patto che Nextcloud ritirasse la denuncia antitrust.

Microsoft era un'azienda di idioti, bugiardi e imbroglioni 40 anni fa, e lo sono ancora oggi.

fonte: @blacklight

Hello, I am the project coordinator for the Network Music Festival which ran as an extremely large all-online event that in 2020. We worked on a teeny budget and, as much as possible, used non-capitalist tools.

Part of our goal in doing this was to be able to help other online events organise without the use of corporate tool chains.

If you are planning a non-profit or low-budget event and would like some advice about using less silicon valley spyware I am super happy to talk to you about the advantages and disadvantages of the free tools we used. I can also try to do introductions to folks who might host you at free or low cost and can also provide some training at no charge. (Ideally I would meet with somebody in your org who would go on to train others. I would be especially pleased if some blog posts and the like were also generated.)

We're all at different places and getting away from capitalist tools is a process. A journey even! Which takes more than one step. Wherever you are on that journey, do get in touch if you think a chat might be valuable.

Registration is now open for the #LibreOffice Conference 2022, September 28 - October 1, in Milan! Sign up here:

Web and app publishers that use RTB systems from Google or other companies have no control over with whom personal data on their users is being shared.

Google (and other adtech firms that e.g. rely on the TCF) claim to have control over who they share data with but that's a lie.

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Open Street Map Francia ha organizzato dal 10 al 12 giugno a Nantes "State of the Map France", l’ottavo incontro nazionale di Open Street Map.

Durante i tre giorni ci sono stati numerosi interventi di utenti, contributori, cartografi, ricercatori, potete dare un’occhiata qui per avere un’idea della ricchezza degli interventi: (no, un account su Mastodon ancora non l’avevano :)

Sul canale Peertube di OSM France potete però trovare una quarantina di video con gli interventi, alcuni davvero molto interessanti, tenuti durante la tre giorni:

@scuola @informapirata @wikimediaitalia @maupao @paolo

#Minetest doesn't have a central auth system. Each server is an independent service with its own account system, moderation, and rules.

There's no central service to snoop on messages and ban users. Decentralised, just like how the Internet should be

Is your school forcing you to use Zoom, Skype, or other proprietary videoconferencing software to learn or teach? Freedom is important to education. Read about freedom-respecting choices at

📣 Awesome #Job Alert!!! 📣 (boosts appreciated)

We're hiring.

We're looking for a Senior Software Engineer for #Terraso. Full remote work on an #opensource project with a mission to help landscape communities organize for the #environment and #SustainableDevelopment.

In the coming months we're building #mapping, #DataCollection and learning tools.

Honestly its such a cool project. Every day I go to work with wonderful people and try to save the world. Come work with me.

Check it out!

Also learn more:

Read the inspiring story of how Eyüpsultan, Turkey switched to free software, gained independence from proprietary software, and saved money ($$$) in the process! If they did it in their city, your city can do it too! | Read more at:

There is this conference "Semantic Web in Libraries"(SWIB) which I am involved in organizing. Each year, there's a great bunch of people meeting.

You have something interesting to share about #LinkedData in libraries or related institutions? Or have some ideas on how libraries could contribute more to the growth and maintenance of the Fediverse?

Please consider a submission (which is only an abstract). The deadline has just been extended to 11 July 2022:

Si tratta dell'effetto (a due anni di distanza dalla presentazione) del reclamo 31 dei 101 presentati da @noybeu :

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Is your school forcing you to use Zoom, Skype, or other proprietary videoconferencing software to learn or teach? Freedom is important to education. Read about freedom-respecting choices at

Iniziativa meritoria: vediamo come risponde il Garante, ♻ @giacomotesio: Oggi alle 12:34:56 è partita la prima segnalazione al Garante della Privacy di #MonitoraPA! Et ça, c'est en lien direct avec nos valeurs de souveraineté numérique qu'on défend, en plus de notre ligne conductrice des suites bureautiques libres et du format ODF. 💪


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5 raisons stratégiques pour plus d'open source dans le secteur public ⤵️

1️⃣ souveraineté numérique
2️⃣ croissance économique
3️⃣ services publics interopérables et ce peu importe la frontière et le secteur

#EU2022FR #opensource

La FAQ dell'Autorità Protezione Dati francese (CNIL) sulla diffida all'uso di Google Analytics sono state tradotte da @monitorapa

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