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Got some free time this weekend? Join the hundreds of people contributing to LibreOffice! You don't need to be a programmer – and you can get cool merch too:

Today is #EUOpenDay! The #EDPS and team is ready to welcome you at our stand at the Digital Village in the Berlaymont Building. If you are in Brussels come and visit us to enjoy our interactive activities. Join us in celebrating #EuropeDay!

Our doors are open!

If you are in Brussels, join us at the Berlaymont building to learn more about our daily work and take part in the many activities we have planned for you. We are here until 18.00!

#EuropeDay #EUOpenDay

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A keyboard app with >100 million installs that has almost full access to the phone and contains tracking code by 20 companies including Google, FB, Amazon, several smaller data brokers, and myTarget, part of mailru/VK and close to the Russian state.

What could possibly go wrong?

LibreOffice FTW! I was worried because it can be slow and clunky, but I use LO for presentations and figured I'd give it a try. Took a bit of orientation, but it worked great! It was easy to drop the pictures in and edit them on each slide, including cropping, rotation and placement. Setting up simple transitions and looping the slideshow were also easy. I got many compliments on the slideshow from attendees!

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Happy to see that @EC_OSPO has published the study about "funding mechanisms for sustaining for public services" in which I have marginally participated.

Lots to read to see if some of my recommendations/comments have been included.

I've seen that at least @libreoffice has been mentioned as critical Open Source software for public services (on which we recently did a bug bounty organised by @EU_Commission).

Very rough though. According to its cookie policy, the 'fr' cookie is "used to deliver, measure and improve the relevancy of ads" (, and FB receives a unique browser-specific 'fr' string across visits to different websites (p112f:

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Come promesso, dal blog di @Framasoft, ecco l'articolo "Elon Musk e Twitter vs #Mastodon e il #Fediverso": È un'introduzione all'uso consapevole di Mastodon con la segnalazione di alcune istanze francesi affidabili e naturalmente c'è anche il video sul #fediverse prodotto da :frama: #traduzioni #softwarelibero @mastodon @maupao @goofy @lealternative @opensource @informapirata @filippodb @mauriziocarnago @scuola @rresoli @rik @paolo @devol @mcp_

#HealthData is key to making our healthcare systems more resilient, accessible and better at providing high-quality care to people at all times.

The European Health Data Space aims at delivering this. Learn more ⮕!yJppQX

#EHDS #HealthUnion

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One of my colleagues is #hiringnow Vuln Intel on a product security team. If you do vuln management and investigation work, check it out!

Listing says senior, but there's some level flexibility, so don't feel like you need to be a perfect fit to have a shot


@EUSPA @EDPS @EU_Commission

Welcome to the Fediverse, your first step to more independence from big tech giants.

We obviously still have a looooong way to go, when you introduce yourself in a video hosted on YouTube, a Google owned datamine. If you really need to use YouTube, at LEAST link to it via one of the publicly available Invidious instances or through

Best would be, you setup and maintain a PeerTube instance and host your videos there.

"Jusque dans les chiottes"


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There are so many things about this that I don't like. First, I thought it was a joke. Second, this should really be opt-in. I could go on... #dataprivacy

Today the European Parliament passed a resolution on Artificial Intelligence (AI) with a huge majority of 495 votes in favor, 34 against, and 102 abstentions. We welcome that the text includes some references to the advantages of #FreeSoftware.


🔊The in 🇫🇷#France deployed an #OpenSource software for #FileManagement to 2️⃣1️⃣ middle schools in collaboration with, &, accounting for 12,000 users-🧑‍🏫teachers & 🧑‍🎓students ❗


Last month, Microsoft worked with upstream to irresponsibly disclose two security issues in networkd-dispatcher.

Bugs were fixed publicly in git earlier that month, the blog post published on Apr 26, Ubuntu security team prepared and released fixed packages on 27th/28th; the first time I heard about it as Debian maintainer was the 28th.

Thanks for nothing.

2 years ago, we observed Grindr sharing exact location data with 8 data brokers in the 'advertising' space, including MoPub, back then owned by Twitter.

Now the WSJ found that this data has actually been available for sale, via MoPub, since at least 2017:

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