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It’s that time of the year when people will be traveling, relaxing and generally trying to have a good time in this crazy situation. Travel and vacations have some specific privacy challenges, which we will be exploring in this Salon.

🚨This is the last hour to apply to be our new contractor looking at technologies being used in schools around the world!

Apply now:

Comunicato stampa del Garante.
"Il meccanismo di acquisizione del consenso on line dovrà innanzitutto garantire che, per impostazione predefinita, al momento del primo accesso ad un sito web, nessun cookie o altro strumento diverso da quelli tecnici venga posizionato all’interno del dispositivo dell’utente, né venga utilizzata altra tecnica di tracciamento attiva (ad esempio, cookie di terze parti) o passiva (ad esempio, il fingerprinting)."

“Its mission is to provide lawmakers and policy makers with the field expertise and vision that will reinforce policies that accelerate the adoption and development of leading cloud technologies made in Europe.”

QT agger_modspil: Interesting: A new European cloud alliance for building a European Internet infrastructure based on free software - so that "cloud" or "the internet" will no longer be synonymous with Amazon, Google and Microsoft.

Mon petit tweet d'adieu à Twitter, avec quelques considérations (trop) générales sur le logiciel libre et l'administration :

Vive les baudets ! #BlueHats 🧢

OpenStreetMap looks to relocate to EU due to Brexit limitations - one of the few great UK digital projects forced to flee because of #brexit

Hello Mastodon, we finally made it 🎉 We are a pan-european NGO with one specific goal: to make privacy a reality. noyb stands for "none of your business" and pursues strategic and effective enforcement by thoroughly analyzing privacy violations and litigating them. Want to know more about us? Then visit

@neil having worked for operators, I was 100% certain that they would reintroduce roaming charges. Actually without the regulatory pressure, they kind of HAVE to.

Whether for legal work, tax advice or consulting mandates: Gather documents and grant access with ownCloud, protected by its comprehensive security architecture. Learn more:

Grazie all’impegno di #LinuxTrent è finalmente online la traduzione italiana di [RÉSOLU] una guida al #softwarelibero per le organizzazioni dell’economia sociale e solidale realizzata lo scorso anno da #Framasoft Qui l’articolo di presentazione:
E qui la pagina da cui scaricarla in formato .pdf e .odt : Spargete la voce :) @informapirata @gubi @filippodb @devol @softwarelibero @goofy @Ca_Gi @lealternative @paolo @wikimediaitalia

ALPACA is an application layer protocol content confusion attack, exploiting TLS servers implementing different protocols but using compatible certificates, such as multi-domain or wildcard certificates. Attackers can redirect traffic from one subdomain to another, resulting in a valid TLS session. This breaks the authentication of TLS and cross-protocol attacks may be possible where the behavior of one protocol service may compromise the other at the application layer.

Twitter, venture capital e unicorni: un bell'articolo di Aral Balkan @aral sull'impossibilità di riformare Big Tech e il capitalismo di sorveglianza, qui l'articolo originale: e qui la traduzione francese a cura di @Framasoft: che sceglie il poetico titolo di "Va te faire foutre, Twitter". È il caso di dire: "Scusate il francesismo... " 😉 @softwarelibero @devol @maupao @paolo @filippodb

Local communities help to spread the word about LibreOffice, and encourage users to get involved. In May, the Albanian community had its first in-person meetup in quite a while! More here:

I've voted for the pre-selection of GAIA-X AISBL members of the Board of Directors.

I voted for those I feel will make a platform based on , respectful of and EU's principles.

I hope that those sharing my views will vote for me as well.

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