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Le saviez-tu ? #Proutify a été mis à jour dans sa version 1.3 avec 133,7 % de #prout en plus !
Vérifie que tu étions à jour sur

Did you know that #Apple tracks pretty much every activity of every user on their devices - and within the scope of #PRISM also #NSA & Co have access to it?

Good to see is finally confirming what I wrote a few months ago:

Some US providers lied to you when stating a new contract would fix compliance.

More, sometimes impractical, measures must be implemented to be able to allow US corporation to process/transfer EU citizens personal data:

Join us tonight at 18:30 for the ... naturally on .

Locked Down — or how a makes us understand what social and digital exclusion means.

Remember kids:

"[Microsoft] GitHub has the right to suspend or terminate your access to all or any part of the Website at any time, with or without cause, with or without notice, effective immediately. GitHub reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time."

Also, can we make a point of always calling it Microsoft #GitHub from now on please? Thanks.


To clone the DMCA censored "youtube-dl" from the DMCA repo:

git clone -n youtube-dl && cd youtube-dl && git fetch origin 416da574ec0df3388f652e44f7fe71b1e3a4701f && git checkout FETCH_HEAD

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Les emplois #Linux et #OpenSource plus tendances que jamais.
Pour 81 % des recruteurs, l'embauche de tels talents est une priorité pour l'avenir.
Lycéens qui vous destinez à des métiers dans l'informatique, vous savez ce qui vous reste à faire…

The Widespread Power of U.S. Law Enforcement to Search Mobile Phones

Based on 110 public records requests to state and local law enforcement agencies across the country, our research documents more than 2,000 agencies that have purchased these tools, in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. We found that state and local law enforcement agencies have performed hundreds of thousands of cellphone extractions since 2015, often without a warrant.

Finally the the European Commission unveiled its Open Source strategy 2020-2023.

It seems like finally we'll see a proper move in terms of adoption not just by European institutions but also from Governments and private companies now that the EC is making the first bold and official move.

Merci à @debian pour leur contribution de 10 000 $ à la #roadmap de #PeerTube v3 ! <3 <3 <3

Avec cette belle reconnaissance du Projet Debian, les 60 000 € pour financer le live dans PeerTube sont presque atteints. Pour contribuer :

Reading C-311/18 /#PrivacyShield,
EU Commission (2010/87/EU) art. 4a and EU EDPB FAQs point 5 I can only infer that it's unethical and illegal for US providers to state they can transfer and process personal data even when they claim tha data stays in EU (which it doesn't).

Change my mind.

In occasione della giornata mondiale del #softwarelibero "Le logiciel libre et l'éducation populaire au numèrique", Intervista a Pierre-Yves Gosset, direttore di @Framasoft: @maupao @paolo #peertube

@gegeweb @dada
Un bon BBB (BigBlueButton) pour jammer à distance entre potes, OBS pour capter le flux et le retransmettre en direct sur PeerTube : voilà la (future) recette Libre d'un concert en ligne ;).

Per tutti coloro che me lo hanno chiesto l'articolo sull'invalidazione di Privacy Shield (e gli SSC) è stato finalmente pubblicato in Italiano:

:peertube: Wow ! Le financement de PeerTube vient de dépasser la barre des 40 000€ !

Vous savez ce que ça veut dire ? Ça veut dire qu'on attaque le pallier de financement du streaming maintenant !


Des gros bisous aux donateurs et donatrices : voir que ça avance, ça fait rêver les fanboys comme moi 🤗

#peertube #floss #streaming #framasoft

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