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One of my favourite books!

QT jamestplunkett: I just stumbled on EM Forster’s The Machine Stops. Published in 1928. It’s about a distant future in which humanity lives in physically isolated cells, communicating only by video link, controlled by an omniscient global technology platform. This is the opening scene.

I have no idea how he could recognise them but my Portuguese butcher assured me that both of these chickens were called Frango.

A vulnerability has been discovered in Cisco Small Business, Smart, and Managed Switches, which could allow for a denial-of-service condition. Successful exploitation of this vulnerability could allow an attacker to cause the switches' management CLI to stop responding.

Particle physics, new discovery, CERN 


QT TonyaJoRiley: New: A popular fertility app with more than half a million users was sharing user data without consent or the ability to opt-out, @IDACwatchdog found. The app stopped sharing the data with one third-party after The Post reached out.

Faites comme moi et soutenez #PeerTube, un logiciel libre pour reprendre le contrôle de vos vidéos !

We are happy to announce that we've accepted talks for the @opensuse + @libreoffice Virtual Conference and just need the speakers to confirm their talks.

Considering that Atlassian’s policy and government affairs head, Patrick Zhang complained about the encryption laws in Australia, I'd suggest to give 0 trust to Atlassian products like jira, since most likely it contains some backdoor as required by local laws. Also isolating any email account used by its products


L'évolution de #PeerTube – logiciel libre développé par – se poursuit et le prochain objectif à atteindre est la v3 avec l'arrivée des playlists et de divers plugins (pour des annotations par exemple)
➜ Si c'est pas déjà fait… soutenez-les !


@onepict @syntax
Hi, Pouhiou here, I've just bstarted my day of work (for Framasoft) and I read you toot: thank you!
It brightens my day to see that some people do understand what we're trying to do, it's really heart warming.
So just : thanks 💖 !

To some extent we also need to drop the idea that folks are selfish and convenience is king. Facebook isn't easy to use for everyone, but it's the main system of communication with friends and family some people have. Same with Gmail. It's why what @Framasoft does is important. The chatons network of providers is young. These things take time, and we need to be patient. It did take years for Facebook to grow with the resources it had.

I’ve integrated the blog into our main site rather than relying on a sub-domain, and — the trickier bit — fixed it so that Tor onion-location auto-redirect works there too while minimising clearweb leakage (beyond the initial response).

Plymouth Passport Office’s pitiful password privacy. If you're going to lean a flipchart against a window, you had better make sure you haven't scrawled any passwords on it first...

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