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To some extent we also need to drop the idea that folks are selfish and convenience is king. Facebook isn't easy to use for everyone, but it's the main system of communication with friends and family some people have. Same with Gmail. It's why what @Framasoft does is important. The chatons network of providers is young. These things take time, and we need to be patient. It did take years for Facebook to grow with the resources it had.

I’ve integrated the blog into our main site rather than relying on a sub-domain, and — the trickier bit — fixed it so that Tor onion-location auto-redirect works there too while minimising clearweb leakage (beyond the initial response).

Plymouth Passport Office’s pitiful password privacy. If you're going to lean a flipchart against a window, you had better make sure you haven't scrawled any passwords on it first...

King Charles's spelling is like he's posting as a cat on Twitter.

"By choosing who we give money to, we signal what we consider to be an acceptable minimum moral responsibility." – How Apple uses anti-competitive practices to extort developers and support authoritarian regimes

Want to make sure your personal data is stored in compliance with #GDPR but have little time? has prepared post-#PrivacyShield email templates to ask your providers nicely whether your information is transferred to US clouds, and if so, to stop it

Résumé très résumé de mon CV :

- Toulouse, originaire de Roanne près de Lyon
- C++ / Python / Rust
- Pas de web
- Bac + 3 (Licence Professionnelle Développement Qualité Logiciel)
- Habitué de GNU/Linux
- Connaissance d'outils d'analyse de performance sous Linux. (LTTng, BCC (eBPF), etc)

Des bisous !
Si jamais vous êtes peut-être intéressés, venez causer, je mord pas et j'aime la bière. 🍺 😉


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#decentralization Google is inescapable and they built their businesses and partnerships that way, we didn't want this when the Microsoft Antitrust trial happened we should not accept it now. #surveillancecapitalism
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@JimFl Hallo, please find the unroll here: @randfish: Holy sh*t... I'm reading through the US Congress' trove of internal Google docs (avail here:…

On the inadequacy of US Cloud.

As transferring personal data to the US is now illegal it's an unmissable opportunity for Europe to build up competitive alternatives, possibly based on Open Source software, to become as much as possible self sufficient when dealing with personal data:

RT @PrivacyMatters: Oh the irony @WIRED 'Privacy Isn’t a Right You Can Click Away' <esp on it seems. The Cookie not…

Orporick, un professore di matematica e fisica che seguo su Twitter, ha sintetizzato in un thread quello che potrebbe secondo me essere un manifesto per la ripresa della #scuola a settembre: Lo condivido così tanto che l'ho messo anche sotto forma di .pdf: @maupao @paolo @steko @scuola @wikimediaitalia @ma_se_mo_la @filippodb

Dal sito di Libérons-nous! (Liberiamoci!) è possibile scaricare la guida “Free your #Android smartphone” in francese e in inglese: Il testo è in formato pdf ibrido cioè può essere modificato con #LibreOffice Draw, avevo cominciato a tradurlo, chi volesse continuare può scaricarlo da qui: #contributopia @devol @maupao @Ca_Gi @steko @paolo @wikimediaitalia @filippodb

J'ai sortie un petit projet de mon chapeau, c'est vraiment en version "béta", ça fonctionne mais rien est vraiment fait pour être collaboratif encore pour le moment.

Une carte des lieux de brassage sur le territoire Français, si ça peut intéresser des gens.

N'hésitez pas à vous balader dessus :

Boost apprécié.

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