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Get even more out of Windows....
like using your shop windows to advertise your products instead of Microsoft's.

I think our little walk today took us a bit further than expected.

Grocy is a web-based self-hosted groceries & household management solution for your home.

Covid 19, PPE, work(+) 

MISP can be also used to document and analyse disinformation campaigns. MISP data-model is flexible and can be expanded to support such use-case. Thanks to @VV_X_7 for the contribution on the topic. The below example is included in MISP community

Cette histoire de traçage des gens est un naufrage. On passe à autre chose ou on s'entête ?

"L'ETH Zurich se désolidarise à son tour du projet européen de pistage numérique du Covid-19"

How Google took over the classroom: L'articolo del New York Times è addirittura del 2017, ma l'analisi dettagliata della strategia di Google nei confronti della #scuola e dei risultati ottenuti negli USA ci aiuta a capire cosa sta succedendo oggi nelle scuole italiane. "Schools may be giving Google more than they are getting: generations of future customers." #GAFAM #cloud #istruzione @maupao @paolo @Ca_Gi @wikimediaitalia

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