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Today I'll be talking, with other guests, about @libreoffice @fosdem and more in our on Radio ARA.

Tune in or listen to the live stream:

Still thinking that is the only office suite?
Things changed since a few years so catch up with @libreoffice evolution into a real contender in the Office suite market:

A new version of MISP (2.4.121) has been released. This version is a security/bug fix release and users are highly encouraged to update as soon as possible. Besides that several issues were resolved and new functionalities were added. …

What's the German word for burying tech in paperwork to stall its rollout? Cos that plus 5G equals Switzerland 

Now just think about all those shady VPN companies based in Panama again. You don’t need TS clearance to know. The same strategy that worked still applies today.

In case you missed today's episode of I Thought We All Knew This For Decades...

Crypto AG, which sold encryption machines to nations over the globe to protect their secrets, was owned by the CIA and West Germany's BND, and effectively backdoored …

Don’t miss out on the "MISP Training - Threat Intelligence Introduction for Analysts and Administrators" TUE 18 February in  @MISPProject


File Sync & Share is the basic foundation of ownCloud – but it can be so much more. Which apps do you have installed in your ownCloud?


Isn't this a beautiful update notification? 😍
A new release for ownCloud desktop is out!

Update to version 2.6.1 here 👉

We would like to thank @inea_eu & especially @ErikaMagonara who helped us to drive the MISP-NG action into a tremendous success. Recent features in MISP open source software and information sharing standard were supported by this action. Europe is great! …

I am talking at the elastic meetup in Aarhus on February 19th.

I will be presenting my open source detection lab and talking a lot about the integration I built between @elastic and @MISPProject...

There is free pizza too! …

Yeah, ok, maybe it's not a workaround if you're living in the past century and are running outdated Cisco voice gear that doesn't support LLDP-MED...

On that note - oh, hey, that's a remote code execution bug on Cisco IP phones too:

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My comment in @TheRegister about the X-client-data header sent with every web browser request to selected (Google-owned websites), its role, the potential risks. Limited fingerprint-like ID. User control may be the issue. …

They can't collect your bins or fix your roads. They let Google stalk visitors to their websites. Yes, it's UK loca… 

Welfare surveillance system violates human rights, Dutch court rules: Government told to halt use of AI to detect fraud in decision hailed by privacy campaigners

Our very first Toot! Last weekend at #FOSDEM, quite a few people came up to us to ask why we weren't on here. Well, here we are! Hello Mastodon! :)

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