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History time: LibreOffice is a successor to OpenOffice(.org) and StarOffice before that! We have new major releases every six months, bringing important new features, security updates and compatibility improvements.

LibreOffice is at FOSDEM! Come to our stand (H.A1) and chat with our community – and also grab cool swag! (T-shirts, stickers, candy and more...)

FYI if you're ever feeling unsure about your abilities, be aware Microsoft Teams fell offline today because an authentication certificate expired.

Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone's winging it to some extent.

Context: …

fully suited and tied @jeffmcaffer & @fossygrl for the software bill of material debate at the #FOSDEM legal & policy devroom

@bortzmeyer présente les résultats de tests qu'il a mené sur les différentes implémentations de DoE (#DNS over Encryption, ie DoH, DoT,...).
Les problèmes sont à la fois la conformité des implémentations aux standard et la performance, sachant qu'on a besoin de ces infos pour pouvoir choisir quel serveur utiliser…


Starting with the ⁦⁩ preFOSDEM meeting for EU Open Source Policy with a little step ahead fot the european community with APPELL stay tuned


Forensic tools expect proper data in a proper way.
So, modifying a USB stick...

# hexedit /dev/sdb

And change some bytes... What could go wrong? To create a loop of extended partitions and break those tools!
Nice demo by Michael Hamm from @circl_lu

@fosdem to present my talk this Sunday. Looking forward to #FOSDEM2020
RT @onepict
I'm very@fosdem@twitter.comd that the Decentralized Internet and Privacy Dev Room has accepted my talk #RFC1984 Or why you should start worrying about encryption backdoors and mass data collection at #FOSDEM2020 See you in February

RT @WolfieChristl
So, Facebook tells me it received personal data on me from 620 apps and websites over the last 6 months.

But nope, I won't press the 'clear history' button now, because this won't fix it. We need legislation+enforcement that stops this from happening for >2bn people per default.

It’s with great pleasure I'm (finally) releasing my @MISPProject docker images. Images are optimised for home and enterprise use. Some cleanup work to do (see issues), but its been in $work prod for months now.
Github: …
DockerHub: …

A nice read for first-time visitors, some circumstances might differ, like currently the weather is pretty warm temperature wise, but you never know how it might evolve... :)


Want to make an easy $1,000? 💰

Refer a qualified candidate to any of our open positions, and if they make it past the trial period, you'll get paid! 💸

Open opportunities:
Content Marketer
Senior PHP Developer
Senior ReactJS Developer


and just across the alley you'll find the @CybersecLux booth (G3), Luxembourg is @FIC_eu in 2020 …

29.01.2020 Crypto Apero AI Edition

In this edition of the Crypto Apero we’ll explore the good, the bad and the plain stupid of everyday AI and investigate if we really want a computer programme to mix our cocktails….

Looking to connect threat intelligence tools? @tenzir_company's Threat Bus is a pub-sub broker for threat intelligence which you can seamlessly integrate intelligence with the @Zeekurity intel framework and much more: …


#FOSS event organizers: I'm MCing a FOSDEM session this weekend about writing good event photo/video/tagging policies.

I'd like to collect examples of as many as I can (weaknesses and strengths welcome). If you have any from events you've worked, please share it here!


I have a couple of talks on the schedule at #fosdem this weekend.

If anyone wants to catch up in Brussels, drop me a message. If you're working on fixing our broken democracy or Internet, I'd especially like to talk to you.

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