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Fuming French monopoly watchdog is so incensed by Google's 'random' web ad rules, it's fining the US giant, er, <1% annual profit … via @theregister

Microsoft und Co. an Schulen? Das geht gar nicht. Warum erklärt der nachfolgende Kommentar. Leitet ihn bitte an Eltern, Schüler, Lehrer, Entscheidungsträger etc. weiter - es gilt die digitale Mündigkeit zu bewahren. 🧙‍♂️

Nutzt E-Mail, Messenger, das Fediverse etc. zur Verbreitung.

Vielen Dank! ❤️

Last Friday we had the first meeting. A big thank you to all participants, good discussions and exchange of ideas on @MISPProject . Presentations are up at … Stay tuned for the Doodle announcing the next date(s).

My comment 📝: Tiktok is breaking the law in multiple ways while exploiting mainly teenagers data. This should be regulated quick and rigorous. We have all necessary laws. Don't let them break society like 10 years of FB. Journalists should find a better place for vertical video.

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Here is the NYTimes story about ongoing massive location data tracking using smartphones. We all knew that companies are doing this. But I think people didn't imagine how huge the data sets are meanwhile. And neither how huge the potential for abuse is. NYTimes does a nice visualization of the data.

I wrote 1,025 words about #Bluesky but of course only one quote actually made it to the article. Oh well

"Twitter and Facebook Want to Shift Power to Users. Or Do They?"

If you live in or around and you didn't manage to get a ticket you can get the next best thing:

a nice CTF, with the team that represented Luxembourg at the European Cyber Security Challenge, the 28th and 29th of December at Level2:

Yes! Just got accepted for the Decentralized Internet and Privacy Dev Room! #FOSDEM2020 #RFC1984

We are glad to see @concordiah2020 project and partners such as @ericsson using @MISPProject for information sharing and threat intelligence. If you would like to set up your information sharing community, don't hesitate to contact us. …

Ever wonder how hackers could possibly pwn power plants? Here are 54 Siemens bugs that could explain things 

How to find new suspicious binaries with the AIL framework in 4 easy steps. AIL finds automatically ELF binaries in base64 strings -> we correlate the decoded values, the backdoor binary is then seen in many other items (various web-shells reused it). 10 seconds for the

Woowza! < 24 hours since we shared the ML attack taxonomy, @adulau empowered the Threat Intel community via @MISPProject!!

This is @JohnLaTwC "Githubifcation of " in action. … …

Looking forward to go back to the roots this Friday and talk at the first Belgian MISP meetup @belgomisp organised by @cudeso and @treyka on Threat sharing in a global context. Last call for spots ! … …

I found this graph in a presentation about deploying a new platform and I LOLed because it's true.

Woowza! < 24 hours since we shared the ML attack taxonomy, @adulau empowered the Threat Intel community via @MISPProject!!

This is @JohnLaTwC "Githubifcation of " in action. … …

It seems like users are out en masse to suggest Jack that not just an Open Source and decentralised standard already exist but also an complete Social Network is already there and it keeps growing.

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