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BelgoMISP Meeting 0x01 "When? 13-Dec-2019, from 5PM until 8PM (Brussels time)" @adulau and @Iglocska will be there to discuss the MISP future plans with new BelgoMISP user group. @cudeso …

🖥️Release time: The ownCloud Desktop Client 2.6 provides faster sync and less RAM usage for everybody while introducing a native virtual file system for Windows 10 users. Upgrade today - to the fastest and best desktop client ever!

Second time lucky: Sweden drops Julian Assange rape investigation 

"PHICOMM K2(PSG1218) V22.5.9.163 devices allows remote authenticated users to execute any command via shell metacharacters in the cgi-bin/luci autoUpTime parameter." …

MISP-Cloud has been updated to @MISPProject 2.4.118! 

Issues, feature requests or comments, let us know!

Envie de contribuer à #PeerTube sans toucher une ligne de code ? On cherche des volontaires pour mettre à jour les pages Wikipedia (il manque les infos sur la V2). Plus d'infos sur :

Our colleague @rafi0t will be in Vienna at @CERT_at to collaborate on various CSIRT tooling projects in the scope of the action (co-funded by @inea_eu).

instance upgraded to version 2.

Have a look at let me know what you think about it:

There is another active French @uni_lu themed run in right now, subject 'Demande de devis' with a payload attached. Stay away from it, it's .

« On a prévu quel CDN pour héberger notre JS ? »
« Oups, c’était prévu dans les specs ? »
« T’inquiète bro, j’ai mon compte dropbox »
😱 (via @devnull)

"A stack-based buffer overflow could be triggered in WhatsApp by sending a specially crafted MP4 file to a WhatsApp user. " …

Interested in @MISPProject (and/or CTI more generally)? Join us 17-20h CET Friday 13 December at the @NVISOsecurity offices for the first edition of the BelgoMISP meetup!

We'll be announcing an exciting guest speaker …

Huawei's first Google-free phone stripped and searched: Repair not too painful... once you're in 

"A remote code execution vulnerability exists in Microsoft Excel software when the software fails to properly handle objects in memory, aka 'Microsoft Excel Remote Code Execution Vulnerability'." …

Don't forget that we have an extensive and flexible feature for decaying attributes and objects in recent version of MISP. For more information: …

A @MISPProject user in Belgium? You want to share your experiences? Come to the BelgoMISP Meeting 0x01 : Belgian MISP User Group Meeting …

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