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Ready for an exciting day at Walygator. I guess my kids will have fun as well.

Off with the family and friends to the cinema to watch The Matrix in 4DX.
Not sure what to expect from the remastering and the additional effects but I guess it will be fun.

This probably already exists and you all know it but I don't, so I'm asking. Sometimes I want to "Select All" in a terminal (usually GNOME Terminal). Is there some magic key-combo I can use to select all the existing history for copying to another place? Currently mouse-selecting

@popey It's disabled by default in some distros but if you go to Settings > Preferences > Shortcuts you should be able to find and set it.

Break down digital divides across the globe! Free and open source software – such as LibreOffice – gives everyone access to powerful tools that they can study and share. Find out how Emmanuel Semutenga is helping young people in Uganda to learn key skills:

Testing p≡p OpenPGP private key synchronisation protocol between multiple iOS, Windows and Android devices and it works great :)
Linux and OSX testing in the queue.

I can read and write encrypted emails on all devices finally with the same private/public key and 1 click setup.

Don’t get trapped by your office suite! Some software vendors are pushing users towards online subscription models – but LibreOffice is different. It's free, it doesn't require registration or yearly payments, and it gives you control over your documents:

@nedelne_rano #Mailpile is a mail client, but we also struggle to meet their requirements.

GMail is shutting its doors.

Ce soir cari de camarons et crevette, riz rougail tomates comme à la :-)

Yesterday the US Chief Twitter Officer threatened to impose tariffs on French wine or "it might be on something else" he said.

Let's hope he doesn't discover that locking out our repositories would affect us even more.

It seems like they want to push the world to stop being reliant on US owned corporations. I think we should satisfy their demand this time to make them happy.

Yesterday owned
@github locked out of their accounts developers of Iranian nationality living around the world.

Today is them but what if one day the decides to tax properly US corporations and we wake up finding our accounts blocked?

It's an absolute scorchio out there as reported by local news but a has also been reported:

The new ownCloud app for iOS just got an update:
Version 1.0.3 adds support for local user names with @ inside in sharing.

Update now!
Or in case you haven’t already given the new app a try: Test it now! It’s free.

#ios #mobile #filesharing #opensource

I've just discovered that in we have an area dedicated to for industrial services. It seems like is way ahead of everybody else.

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