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Hello #fediverse! this is my RE #introduction

I'm a #motion #designer based in #London #UK. I'm also a #guitar player with a somewhat eclectic taste in #music : from #progressive #metal to #jazz to #psychedelic #rock and so on.

I'm also into #gaming , #boardgames and #videogames.

I'm aware of the importance of online #privacy in this time and age and I'm always on the look for better privacy oriented #software and services.

Please feel free to follow me if you share any of my interests.

Got my @libreoffice hoodie out just in case it rained as usual in Picardie but sunny all the way going west and an agreeable 25°.

Does anyone know a tool/script for indexing data stored on a remote drive?

Anyone interested about GPG encrypted notifications for mastodon instance?

Any user who would send email with own GPG public key to given mailbox will receive all outgoing notifications from Mastodon encrypted with own key from that point.

All other users would simply receive email notifications same as before.

Currently using it for many web services, which send email notifications.

LibreOffice is made by a worldwide community – check out our map of contributors to learn more, and read interviews with them!

Ah, mais quelle bonne idée d'aider Facebook à collecter les données des personnes discriminées ! « La première mission confiée à la BADI, avec l’appui de Facebook France, sera de mettre à disposition de chacun une plateforme d’alerte, de mise en relation entre victimes et acteurs de la lutte contre les discriminations. »

Amazon promettait que personne n'écoutait ce qu'on disait à son mouchard Alexa. À la stupéfaction générale, on apprend qu'Amazon mentait. C'est incroyable, à qui se fier ?

Bonjour tout le monde !

📢 🔴 URGENT 🔴

Un logiciel génial est en train de mourir, parce que son développeur n'a plus le temps de s'en occuper.

C'est une alternative à Adobe AfterEffect : Natron (

Mastodon, il nous faut trouver un développeur C++, qui veuille bien le maintenir ? ou chercher une entreprise qui travaille avec des logiciels libres ? C'est très important.

Boost très apprécié

Merci d'avance pour votre contribution !

#Dev #Mastodon #C+++ #Python

Nice to see that with 2.8.0 now I can leave registrations open but accept or reject requests.

That should helps in stopping some of the spammers.

I think I'll upgrade this instance to 2.8 before going to shop for a new barbecue.

Things may break for a bit.

Vorrei segnalare e chiedere se avete ulteriori informazioni riguardanti un gruppo italiano chiamato PASocial ( che fa incontri con i comuni per promuovere l'utilizzo di Twitter, LinkedIn e Facebook nella pubblica amministrazione.

Io non sono per niente d'accordo con la promozione di piattaforme, che personalmente considero "tossiche", alla PA.

Voi cosa ne pensate?


@Ca_Gi @semordnilap @maupao @nilocram

Do you feel alone? Do you feel like no one listen to you?

You should get Alexa and immediately gain thousands of listeners all around the globe.

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