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28 rounds to go. Send help, please!

In-laws thought it would have been a brilliant idea to book for all the extended family an evening at the village's tombola.

As they are announcing a number every 30/40 seconds I have time to question the meaning of life and the universe.... according to my cards 42 is not an available answer.

Technological hot take 

Off to prepare some chicken fajitas for the family.

Basic setup sorted. Still got to configure a few things like email notification but it seems to work.
Also the connection with seems to be working fine.
If you fancy testing it it's on:

Minetest 5.0.1 has been released!

This is a bug-fix only release which fixes a few crashes and other issues.

#minetest #gamedev #opensource #freegaming

Friendica has just been updated to version 2019.03

If you haven't tried Friendica lately, this might be a good time to take a look.

Some places to sign up:

It's the Fediverse's Facebook alternative, with a similar interface and features (photo galleries, events, groups etc).

You can follow people on ActivityPub (Mastodon etc.) and RSS feeds too.

You can also use it through the the Fedilab app (@tom79).


Hello world, time for a belated . I'm a data protection law specialist who works with everyone from small start ups to big businesses helping them to understand the regulatory landscape so they can embed privacy by design or at a cultural level. From time to time I write things like this:, a non-technical but hopefully accurate attempt to explain the problem of bias in AI to a bunch of generalist lawyers. Comments welcomed!

After yesterday's sadness about Article 13, maybe it's time for a bit of self-care with a game or two ❤️

@itchio Cool game store selling DRM-free indie games

@Minetest MineTest: Free open alternative to Minecraft

@gamingonlinux Gaming On Linux: News site about Linux games

@rpginabox RPG in a Box: RPG editor

@godotengine Godot Engine: Free open game engine

@dosnostalgic Anatoly Shashkin: Remembering old DOS games

@GIbiz games news from a business perspective

OK, so now we'll have to deal with the .
This instance is not yet 3 years old and is not turning over €10M and we don't have yet 5M unique visitors a month so no filters for us.... but then?

I guess we'll see as we go if there will be additional clarifications, amendments or court cases to see how much and other decentralised platforms will be targeted by uploaders and lawyers. I suspect there will be opportunities for professional trolls & uploaders.

Hi @SteveClement, welcome to


Crypto-Apero Weaponised IoT edition 26.03.2019 18:30@Rotondes

In this edition of Crypto-Apero we'll take a look at how tech is re-purposed for unintended, often bad uses

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