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@aeris If I create a table, apply the style and do a ctrl+z it removes the colour of the header. @charly

@aeris Clear direct formatting in this case works as it's keeping the "Cozy" style you applied and removed the colours you added "outside" the style.

I would say that it's an expected behaviour.

@aeris Can you send me the file to see if can reproduce the behaviour?

@aeris I've never seen that happening and I've been using LO for quite a few years.
Are you able to constantly reproduce the error or it was a one off?

@aeris To eliminate the possibility that you found a bug that has been fixed could you upgrade to the latest version?
I'm using and for sure I can't reproduce random changes in the files once saved/reopened.

@aeris It is not doing that as that's a manual change, as I said a few tooths ago.
Table styles are made to mostly style a table and, by design or not, are not resetting the manual changes to specific cells. @charly

@aeris I have no idea what you are doing, I've tried to replicate your issue and gave you a hint using the menu on the Styles panel to update your stiles, which at least that way is working. @charly

@aeris Are you sure there isn't a mix of different paragraph and table styles with some manual changes in there?

@aeris I doubt it. There may be some bugs but the times when, unfortunately, LibreOffice corrupted files like some of my presentations are long gone. @charly

@aeris I'm able to reproduce that only I've set a specific colour to that cell.
If I clear direct formatting in that cell then if follows the applied style.

Not sure if this is by design, so that you can have variants on specific cells that don't get overridden by the style, or if it's a bug.


@aeris The function is not in the Autoformat window it's in the Styles side panel which seems to be the only way to do it as it doesn't seem to work from the Styles menu.


@aeris I'm not sure if I'm addressing the same issue but...

I've created 2 tables based on the same style, I've changed the colour of the cells in the headers, clicked on "Update selected style" and updated also the style of the second table with the settings from the first one.

The difference could be, and it may be that we found a bug, that I've assigned the colour to the cells and not the row.

Can you try that way?


@aeris Try with more complex documents and you'll see why ODF is much better 🙂 @charly

Ci sono diversi modi per contribuire a LibreOffice che non richiedono di essere un programmatore.

Qui un breve elenco:

@libreoffice @linux

@aeris My point was that at least in ODT you have a standard that could be human readable and predictable so the whole document is properly describe there.

In regards to the issue...

which version of LibreOffice are you using?

Isn't "Edit style" or "Update selected style" allowing you to change the style?


You are right @charly . Try doing that with .

I think I'll ask the board to fund sessions for psychological support for the developers that have to guess what little changes Microsoft introduces every so often in their proprietary format so that LibreOffice can open MS Office files decently well :-)

I'm promoting the adoption of in EU institutions to make it the standard in the whole of Europe so that everyone can start using a predictable and human readable format.


@informapirata Grazie mille!
Per essere precisi sono stato eletto come membro del consiglio direttivo di The Document Foundation che è la fondazione che coordina le attività che fanno di la miglior suite Office disponibile.

Circa 250 milioni di persone usano LibreOffice, sarebbe fantastico se più utilizzatori si trasformassero anche in contributori per far avanzare LibreOffice anche più rapidamente :-)

Hai provato ad installare /e/OS?

Io ho comprato un telefono preinstallato e sono alquanto soddisfatto.


I've been busy during my COVID isolation - the Devil makes work for idle thumbs and all that...

I've written a whole bloody manifesto on how the web is a shit shit show.

I present to you...The Web Is Fucked

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