@markosaric In a way if Zoom improves things is nice but if we can do the same things with self hosted Open Source platforms is even better :-)

Vous avez aimé la communication du gouvernement sur #whatsapp ?
En revoilà une couche avec la communication des ministres en #facebook_live !

On est à des années lumières de l'indépendance numérique, expression omniprésente dans les discours politiques.

« On est prêts » signifie en fait « on est prêts à se prosterner encore un peu plus devant les #GAFAM+ et à vous obliger à leur donner vos données personnelles si vous voulez avoir des informations ».

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Scammers now sending old passwords to associated emails from old leaks, good reminder for anyone who still don't use unique passwords.

We have some new features in the widget functionality of MISP such as selecting points to show the delta between values (check the example below in the MISP used for covid-19). These features will be in the next release of MISP. Thanks to @mokaddem_sami for the contribution.pic.twitter.com/FOZMEoc9uw

@nilocram il tuo account dovrebbe essere attivo. Fammi sapere cosa ne pensi. @maupao

@claudiom I fully understand your PoV but my job is actually to promote Open Source and interoperable platforms which also protect our data and privacy.

I may be able to fix Teams on Ubuntu but it won't fix the fact that my kids data is going to Microsoft and eventual third parties and that's my issue.

We have the solution, it works perfectly on every device and it can be hosted by anyone reducing our dependence on third parties for critical services.

Thanks anyway for the info.

@Petzlux FYI it's about 2 weeks that we are providing free video conferencing and on-line classes to schools in Italy and this week we started also providing them to schools, university and non profit in Luxembourg.

Maybe the Ministry of Digitalisation could provide a helping hand to expand the services which are free and based on Open Source software to help with innovation and Digital Sovereignty?

@claudiom Only the web interface. Thank you for pointing out that there are packages for Linux as well, in a way pleasantly surprised, but I prefer to have Microsoft free devices.

The point is to see how self reliant we can be while still providing good quality services.

Wondering anyway how it would behave with a decent number of users. I've just assisted at a nice meeting with 160 people, no software install required, on our platform and behaved quite well.

@claudiom Unfortunately my kids had to use Teams as well. We only have Debian or Ubuntu at home so the chat worked but not the video conference.

Planning to supply also to their school an Open Source video conferencing platforms that work with all the devices.

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