Finalement, ça le fait pour ré-écrire sur des images.

Ouvrez l'application, et faites juste un glisser-déposer de l'image à éditer.

À la fin, vous pouvez exporter en png ou jpg.

Does anybody out there happen to know anything about a website called stockX dot com?

Whoever ganked my debit card number has set up at least one account there with it, and for some reason I keep getting messages from this site.

(I've already audited my e-mail server logins - as far as I can tell nobody else has logged into my account.)

It looks like it's o'clock!
Not the original with Prosecco this time but with some from which is even better.

How to fool infosec wonks into pinning a cyber attack on China, Russia, Iran, whomever 

We have a new MISP galaxy with Surveillance Vendors for vendors selling specific CNE tools. Thanks to @deltalimasierra for the initial version. Don't hesitate to contribute. …

winter is here but Santa has free tools for you!

If you receive a suspicious message you can check the link via  and send it to @circl_lu via

Do you know you can use Google Fonts without Google tracking your visitors and stealing the metrics?

We have a new galaxy and object to express dark patterns in MISP. A good example of using MISP to model and share new threats targeting users.
Thanks to @gallypette (@circl_lu) and @b0rce (@uni_lu) …

check out our open source Zeek malware hunting tools at  that power the @cancyberorg foundation using @MISPProject and @Zeekurity realtime hunting and dns/flow

@godotengine helps developers create brilliant 2D and 3D games without having to go through closed and proprietary sets of tools. Help Godot support FLOSS game developers here:


EU wouldn't! Uncle Sam brandishes 'up to 100%' tariffs over France's Digital Services Tax 

.@MinetestProject is a voxel-based sandbox game/educational and collaborative tool. Think Minecraft, but open source, faster, leaner, with better cross-platform support and fantastic plugin engine. Help Minetest at:


We have an ongoing MISP User Experience Survey together with the @uni_lu (@b0rce) - Don't hesitate to participate, it will help us to improve the UX experience of MISP. @circl_lu 

Anatomy of a Linux DNS Lookup

These posts are intended to break down how a program decides how it gets an IP address on a Linux host, and the components that can get involved.

@peertube Io sono un po fuori zona per cui, con rammarico, non riesco a partecipare ma avrei piacere di rimanere informato sugli sviluppi. @nilocram @maupao @Ca_Gi @wikimediaitalia @steko

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