How can we bring more contributors to the LibreOffice and Document Liberation projects? Ilmari Lauhakangas explains how he mentors newcomers, and helps them to get started:

@echo_pbreyer I do agree with you on that as unfortunately we read of data breaches every day.
The platforms in theory are already obliged to keep a minimum level of security if they deal with financial transactions.
Clients of those platforms may be already used, like many other freelancers, to have a work and a personal phone so the issue may not be as bad as with the rest of the general population.

Would that be a good mitigation?

Hi @echo_pbreyer, I had a look at amendment 291 and I'm not yet sure if it's really a bad thing.

I don't know that specific market so I can only presume that "an online platform [that] is primarily
used for the dissemination of user generated pornographic content" does/should already identify users to make sure they are over 18 and potentially to pay/receive money for the services and they could use a burner phone.

Is it a big issue to ask for a phone number then?

@rresoli Vedi che a forza di rompere le scatole, e di avere sentenze che confermano l'illegalità di certi comportamenti, le cose cambiano 😉

#LockedOffice vs #LibreOffice
"Gli utenti che intendono adottare #Office2021 faranno bene a tenere presente un ulteriore dettaglio non secondario che #Microsoft ha pensato bene di precisare: come succede anche con Windows 11, con la nuova versione della suite un'esperienza completamente offline non è possibile."
Di #ZEUSNews

🇪🇺 Unione Europea:
il Supervisore Europeo per la Protezione dei Dati sanziona il Parlamento Europeo per aver lasciato dei cookie di Google Analytics e Stripe in uno dei suoi siti interni per i test da CoViD-19.
È uno dei primi casi dove la sentenza Schrems II (emessa il 16 luglio 2020, che vieta il trasferimento dati in Paesi che non dispongono delle stesse misure di protezione dell'UE) viene rivendicata e applicata

Dal canale telegram di @eticadigitale

Who in the right mind would push into production something new just a few hours before New Years Eve?


During a break from preparations for tonight I've just upgraded my instance of @peertube to version 4.0:

All seems fine so off to get ready before vaccinated, boosted and tested guests arrive.

Have a nice one and 'see' you next year!

What's behind the #technology we use every day? Find out in this new promotional video showcasing our interactive online and offline exhibition The Glass Room: #Misinformation Edition, also available in Romanian, Lithuanian, Italian and Dutch:

Do you already have new year's resolutions? Some ideas from our side:
💙 migrating more content to Free Platforms, like
💙 supporting FLOSS, especially upstreams, by contributing or donating
💙 joining #Codeberg e.V. and becoming a FLOSS sustainer
💙 actively participating in Codeberg's development, feel free to reach out to us if you're interested

Thank you very much, and keep going. Feel free to share your goals for 2022 with us!

Fact of the day: LibreOffice can open files in over 150 different formats! Pretty impressive, right? This is largely thanks to the Document Liberation Project, which gives you control over your own data:

Il ministero dell'economia tedesco promuove Sovereign Tech Fund: un fondo per il rafforzamento della #sovranitàdigitale, lo sviluppo e il finanziamento del software #opensource e dell'infrastruttura digitale Dal sito si può scaricare anche un dettagliato studio di fattibilità, chissà che qualcuno lo legga anche in Italia
@informapirata @maupao @opensource @quinta @paolo via @ldubost

Additional details my Politico's @vmanancourt: "Despite EU court rulings, Facebook says US is safe to receive Europeans' data"
RT @vmanancourt
Scoop: Europe's top court says Washington plays fast and loose with European data. Facebook disagrees.

According to internal docs seen by POLITICO, Facebook's lawyers say the U.S. is safe for EU data, despite landmark EU rulings that say the opposite.🧵

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In our 4th #AdventReading we discuss how Facebook fully ignores European Court of Justice rulings on EU-US data transfers, in an allegedly confidential 86 page "Transfer Impact Assessment":

@rixx I had to deal with that request for TDF and @libreoffice which on that list are ranking respectively 3018 and 19257.

I've nearly replied just out of courtesy in the slim chance that was a genuine request, 2 minutes later I've received the same emails for both GDPR and CCPA on another domain (only ranked a bit after the middle of the list) which confirmed to me it was spam.

That's a very bad way of doing research.

BTW excellent job with Pretalx, going to set it up soon :-)

@aeris I think I found something that may explain some of the issues.

See here:

If you set a number format in the cells that were replacing the text with "0,00 €" it may be explained by my comment and workaround.


@bortzmeyer je crois que comme exemple ils peuvent utiliser leur propre site en fait, hein @ParisWeb ? 😅

BREAKING NEWS: Le associazioni nazionali dei docenti e ricercatori di informatica e ingegneria informatica hanno approvato e pubblicato questa mozione contro l’uso del voto elettronico nelle elezioni  politiche

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