Thanks @avndp, I've read it.

We are still discussing things but it seems like we'll be able to satisfy your requests ;-)

Naturally I'm not the only one deciding but it seems like we are going in the right direction.

@avndp You can find all the mailing lists here:

You can subscribe and use this mailing list if you'd like to let me and my fellow members of the board of Directors what you think about what we are proposing to the Community:

Dal sito di Libérons-nous! (Liberiamoci!) è possibile scaricare la guida “Free your #Android smartphone” in francese e in inglese: Il testo è in formato pdf ibrido cioè può essere modificato con #LibreOffice Draw, avevo cominciato a tradurlo, chi volesse continuare può scaricarlo da qui: #contributopia @devol @maupao @Ca_Gi @steko @paolo @wikimediaitalia @filippodb

@LibreOffice is and will remain free and Open Source for all.

We are just evaluating with the Community different ways to promote organisations, that heavily contribute to the code, which can provide professional support and services to organisations that need it.

The "Personal Edition" tag hasn't been approved yet as we are still waiting for feedback from the Community and users, that means also you.

Head to the mailing lists and tell us what you think.


J'ai sortie un petit projet de mon chapeau, c'est vraiment en version "béta", ça fonctionne mais rien est vraiment fait pour être collaboratif encore pour le moment.

Une carte des lieux de brassage sur le territoire Français, si ça peut intéresser des gens.

N'hésitez pas à vous balader dessus :

Boost apprécié.

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Open Source Music Album!

"My compositions and recordings are not the final objective of the album, but rather the start. I want you to have access to the way I created the album concept, to the songs and to how I played them. In addition, I will make the stems available for download. So you can remix, recreate and make new versions of it. And I can't wait to see what you're gonna create from that. I can expect different approaches and better versions than mine."

"Pi-hole Web v4.3.2 (aka AdminLTE) allows Remote Code Execution by privileged dashboard users via a crafted DHCP static lease." …

"Help us deGoogle free and open source software"

Love this initiative! Friends don’t let friends use Google Analytics 👏😍

The openSUSE + LibreOffice Conference 2020 will take place online. We aim to organise a great conference, filled with insightful talks, technical presentations and sessions dedicated for those who want to socialise during the event!

Thanks @rungrage. Latest thing we've done: extended the social media objects in @MISPProject so we can build better disinformation threat intelligence reports

"IBM Security Identity Governance and Intelligence 5.2.6 could allow an unauthorized user to obtain sensitive information through user enumeration." …

Inside the NSA’s tool for mapping your social network. Edward Snowden revealed the agency’s phone-record tracking program. But thanks to “precomputed contact chaining,” that database was much more powerful than anyone knew.

Le site des extensions pour #LibreOffice a été refait, il est à présent en ligne ici :

Bientôt en français bien sûr !

Like LibreOffice? Contribute back to the community that makes it! You don't need to be a programmer – you can help out with design, marketing, documentation, user assistance, bug reports and more. And build new skills on the way! Start here:

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