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Want to make an easy $1,000? 💰

Refer a qualified candidate to any of our open positions, and if they make it past the trial period, you'll get paid! 💸

Open opportunities:
Content Marketer
Senior PHP Developer
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and just across the alley you'll find the @CybersecLux booth (G3), Luxembourg is @FIC_eu in 2020
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29.01.2020 Crypto Apero AI Edition

In this edition of the Crypto Apero we’ll explore the good, the bad and the plain stupid of everyday AI and investigate if we really want a computer programme to mix our cocktails….


Looking to connect threat intelligence tools? @tenzir_company's Threat Bus is a pub-sub broker for threat intelligence which you can seamlessly integrate intelligence with the @Zeekurity intel framework and much more:
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#FOSS event organizers: I'm MCing a FOSDEM session this weekend about writing good event photo/video/tagging policies.

I'd like to collect examples of as many as I can (weaknesses and strengths welcome). If you have any from events you've worked, please share it here!

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@jwildeboer I guess we should also take in consideration the fact that, IIRC, the boxes involved were old Nexenta's implementation of ZFS.
I've seen it happening already on old IllumOS boxes.


I have a couple of talks on the schedule at #fosdem this weekend.


If anyone wants to catch up in Brussels, drop me a message. If you're working on fixing our broken democracy or Internet, I'd especially like to talk to you.

Leaked Documents Expose the Secretive Market for Your Web Browsing Data

An Avast antivirus subsidiary sells 'Every search. Every click. Every buy. On every site.' Its clients have included Home Depot, Google, Microsoft, Pepsi, and McKinsey



@alciregi Not really incredible. They try whatever they see open.
They are also adapting at some of the measures put in place, they went from trying a bunch of users and password all at the same time to 2 attempts every 8 hours to (try to) avoid being seen and blocked.

Oh, yeah, excellent move, #Microsoft - O365 to make Bing the default search engine in Chrome.

Because why not?

Le #FOSDEM c'est dans 10 jours et on a encore besoin d'un peu de bénévoles

Voilà la liste des tâches volunteers.fosdem.org/tasks/

@fin_ger Excellent.
BTW the explanation on why the issues, etc aren't migrated with mirrors is there, somewhere.
Issues are linked to users so if you mirror issues linked to users that are on GitHub but not on your Gitea instance you'll have to handle that. It seems like the developers are thinking about the best way to fix that. @rugk

As seen elsewhere on social media... And this happens a lot! Let's keep spreading the word about LibreOffice, and how it respects users' freedom and privacy – and doesn't lock them in.

I see they use version 1.10.3 while mine uses 1.10.2 maybe you found a regression?

I've cloned one of the repository and the issue came up... without issues 🙂


@fin_ger I always use the migration tool in the interface as AFAIK the command line tool is deprecated and hasn't been updated for nearly a year.
Maybe you can do the same through API if you need to run something from a CLI? @rugk

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