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I feel your pain @o0karen0o
Also today I had to participate to more events on Zoom and Teams that could have easily been Jitsi or BigBlueButton based events.

It's even more annoying for the fact that I host several Jitsi/BBB instances and I sometimes offer them for free to avoid having to use the others but... "The users are familiar with mainstream platforms" 🤦‍♂️

Ugh. I'm so frustrated to be continually asked to participate in talks & panels on Zoom specifically about tech ethics & #opensource. There are great #FOSS systems for this. See @fosdem's successful use of solely FOSS solutions for over 30,000 participants. #jitsi #BigBlueButton

@nemobis Facebook's own research with plenty of colourful slides already confirmed the damages it can do.

It would be nice to see this as a permanent result of the query...

Use the new official ownCloud Helm Charts to deploy your ownCloud with, courtesy of 🙏🏻 Learn more in this article 👇

Opting Out of TurnItIn

The web service TurnItIn is a "plagiarism detector". Lots of universities use it to assess whether their students are copy-n-pasting content which they haven't written.

I'm not a big fan of it. First, I'll explain how to opt-out your websites. Then I'll explain why I don't like the service.

Block Their Robot

TurnItIn scans the web and records everything on your websit

#/etc/ #academia #msc #turnitin

@saxnot The big difference is that Virtualbox is a brand and project owned by Oracle while @libreoffice is a registered charity so, by choice, we cannot charge for LibreOffice as a product, we have to rely on the good will of people donating or contributing with code, marketing, documentation, translations, etc.

Please do become a member as well, it's free, so you'll have the opportunity to vote and have me again on the Board in the upcoming elections ;-)

Hi @Ahuka, your contributions matter to me a lot.
It's thanks to people like you that @libreoffice can carry on developing the best Open Source Office Suite available.
Apart from donations there are also other ways to help out:

The majority of that 68% comes from members of the ecosystem which pays specialised developers to fix bugs and write new features. They generally get money from TDF tenders and by selling their services.

95% of companies that could contribute with documentations, translations, some code, money or other things do not contribute back.


@saxnot If some need enterprise support then they can buy it from companies that offer it
The offer is there, organisations need just to realise that is available. @libreoffice

90% of donations to the @libreoffice projects are coming from individuals.
Companies unfortunately do not contribute that much in economical or material way on an project that is the major barrier between freedom of choice and a full monopoly by Microsoft in the office productivity market.

Organisations should realise that a strong LibreOffice helps in creating a healthy competition and lower also their costs.

So, please, contribute in any way you can to help yourself.

I was part of the vast team that convinced the UK Government to adopt as the standard file format. Many institutions fail to use it but I'm pleased to know that at least Ofcom is doing the right thing 👍 @vfrmedia @ademalsasa

Excellent @ademalsasa!

It would be great if more organisations would do that to make the first choice for documents exchange and archival.

Get ready for day 3 of the LibreOffice Conference 2021, starting at 10:00 UTC! Video streams, discussion channels and the schedule (UTC+2) on the site:

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