how many of you came back from with a flu?

I did and recovering only now.
A few other participants confirmed they had the same.

Could that be a plot by proprietary software manufacturers to slow down the advance of software? ;-)

Still recovering from .
Next year I'll try to stick to the planned visits to the various talks.

Looking forward especially to an extended track which may also include @MISPProject and other platforms developed by

Day one of I haven't managed to go to the talks I wanted to see. I've been in or around K as at any attempt to leave the area I'd meet people I wanted/had to talk to.

If you see a guy wearing this hoodie at it's likely that it's me.

Anybody else involved with going?

@MISPProject goes to FOSDEM

It may be about time to prepare the luggage and get ready to leave for

So many things to do and talks to listen to at but so little time.

I'll try at least to go to listen to (in no particular order):
Italo Vignoli - LibreOffice (not on yet)
and a few others.

If anyone wants to get a LibreOffice hoodie, to support The Document Foundation, come to see me at their booth in building K (level 1).

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