Happy to see that @EC_OSPO has published the study about "funding mechanisms for sustaining for public services" in which I have marginally participated.

Lots to read to see if some of my recommendations/comments have been included.

I've seen that at least @libreoffice has been mentioned as critical Open Source software for public services (on which we recently did a bug bounty organised by @EU_Commission).


From today you can start finding your favourite EU institutions also on !

@EU_Commission @EC_DIGIT @EDPS @EC_OSPO @ @ombudsman @FRA @Curia and hopefully soon many others will allow you to read their news without having to depend on, as some say, privacy and ethically challenged corporations.

Dear Jack,

you don't need to resign.

We won't tell anyone that you really fancy running a few instances instead of running Twitter ;-)

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