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Get even more out of Windows....
like using your shop windows to advertise your products instead of Microsoft's.

I think our little walk today took us a bit further than expected.

Stolen from the BlueBird because it's just too funny. #NSFNFOFS 

I found this graph in a presentation about deploying a new platform and I LOLed because it's true.

It looks like it's o'clock!
Not the original with Prosecco this time but with some from which is even better.

So finally it has been confirmed that consent has to be explicitly provided to place cookies in a browser.

Ready for an exciting day at Walygator. I guess my kids will have fun as well.

Ce soir cari de camarons et crevette, riz rougail tomates comme à la :-)

I've just discovered that in we have an area dedicated to for industrial services. It seems like is way ahead of everybody else.

While searching for something else I found this:

So the famous "Don't be evil" isn't a myth, it was actually written in Google's pre IPO Sec filing. Then things changed.

French citizens out to vote in all at the same time?
No parking in the areas around the polling station.

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