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My wife is setting up subliminal messages which, I suppose, are related to what I should prepare for dinner.

Nothing better than a bit of jazz to celebrate in
Maybe I should get a glass of local white to make things even better

I like the fact that they had to specify that this is an explosive bomb not the nonexplosive one... and it got pads for extra comfort

As from bluebirb:

To those who do not participate in Passover or Easter: Enjoy some pasta with some sauce. Accept The Flying Spaghetti Monster’s Noodly Appendage into your heart and mind. Then ye shall be joyous and free. R'Amen!!!

Got my @libreoffice hoodie out just in case it rained as usual in Picardie but sunny all the way going west and an agreeable 25°.

I didn't even know an European beer's museum existed.

Is this local to you @valere ?

For the first time in my life I'm happy to see .

My only hope, to put an end to this agony, is that it decides to start an update so that I can escape from here.

28 rounds to go. Send help, please!

In-laws thought it would have been a brilliant idea to book for all the extended family an evening at the village's tombola.

As they are announcing a number every 30/40 seconds I have time to question the meaning of life and the universe.... according to my cards 42 is not an available answer.

Basic setup sorted. Still got to configure a few things like email notification but it seems to work.
Also the connection with seems to be working fine.
If you fancy testing it it's on:

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