Today I went for a walk in City following the Alzette and went in a couple of museums/art and cultural exhibitions.
One of them was about Nazi and Hitler's ascent to power.... history seems to be repeating itself and nobody seems to be noticing.

If you see a guy wearing this hoodie at it's likely that it's me.

Anybody else involved with going?

@MISPProject goes to FOSDEM

Lucky that we live in democracies where neither mass nor targeted surveillance are happening....

... and if they happen there's always a plausible deniability plan.

I'm shocked to learn that some may even be capable of using fake identities & bitcoins to make it look like the attacks are coming from other places around the world....

even Россия?

Not going anywhere today.
I don't mind driving on the snow but I'm not confident others around me known how to handle a car on slippery surfaces.

A Brit asked for popcorns while watching the vote....
Not a problem, at hacker space we found what's needed.

privacy notice is the usual joke as every time it comes up I have to disable again personalised ads... but then there is even a bigger joke which is the link to which is supposed to allow opt out from the 100+ ads networks but it doesn't work as it can't connect to most of them.

I guess that's FUBAR by design as the site is maintained by the "European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance" aka adverts floggers.
Shouldn't some EU Commissions look at it?

Here's @Nanohenry presenting the8 bits processor visualisation tool he developed for the .

Wise words from @welfringer on :twitter: :
"Store all your transactions in a database, then you don't need a ;)"

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