Ce soir cari de camarons et crevette, riz rougail tomates comme à la :-)

I've just discovered that in we have an area dedicated to for industrial services. It seems like is way ahead of everybody else.

While searching for something else I found this:

So the famous "Don't be evil" isn't a myth, it was actually written in Google's pre IPO Sec filing. Then things changed.

French citizens out to vote in all at the same time?
No parking in the areas around the polling station.

My wife is setting up subliminal messages which, I suppose, are related to what I should prepare for dinner.

Nothing better than a bit of jazz to celebrate in
Maybe I should get a glass of local white to make things even better

I like the fact that they had to specify that this is an explosive bomb not the nonexplosive one... and it got pads for extra comfort

As from bluebirb:

To those who do not participate in Passover or Easter: Enjoy some pasta with some sauce. Accept The Flying Spaghetti Monster’s Noodly Appendage into your heart and mind. Then ye shall be joyous and free. R'Amen!!!

Got my @libreoffice hoodie out just in case it rained as usual in Picardie but sunny all the way going west and an agreeable 25°.

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