"LfDI expects schools to offer pupils alternatives to the MS365 service for operations by the summer vacations in 2022.

From the coming school year, the use of MS 365 at schools must be terminated or its data protection-compliant operation must be clearly demonstrated by the responsible schools."

This is how the SA of Baden-Württemberg starts its press release stating that M365 is not compliant and it must be discontinued.


Thanks. Baden-Württemberg worked with MS to produce a maximally locked down version of MS365 for use in schools. But even that was problematic in that it transmitted sensitive data to very many servers in an I secure way.

MS 365 seems non-compliant to its core. I hope the UK's ICO develops the same level of diligence as Baden-Württemberg's LfDI, to protect British students.

#education #gdpr #edtech

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