Hi @echo_pbreyer, I had a look at amendment 291 and I'm not yet sure if it's really a bad thing.

I don't know that specific market so I can only presume that "an online platform [that] is primarily
used for the dissemination of user generated pornographic content" does/should already identify users to make sure they are over 18 and potentially to pay/receive money for the services and they could use a burner phone.

Is it a big issue to ask for a phone number then?

@paolo Phone number leaks will result in harassment, stalking, cybercrime...


@echo_pbreyer I do agree with you on that as unfortunately we read of data breaches every day.
The platforms in theory are already obliged to keep a minimum level of security if they deal with financial transactions.
Clients of those platforms may be already used, like many other freelancers, to have a work and a personal phone so the issue may not be as bad as with the rest of the general population.

Would that be a good mitigation?

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