Quelqu’un sait comment ça fonctionne les styles de tableau dans Libreoffice **WRITER** ?
Ça a pas l’air de bien fonctionner ou d’être un peu la purge 🤔

Pour ceux qui auraient une idée : l’auto-format refuse de me retenir la couleur de fond des lignes d’en-tête… 🤔

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Mais qu’est-ce que j’aime pas les trucs WYSIWYG… C’est surtout « je fais plein de truc dans ton dos et bon courage pour y avoir accès »… Ce putain de style de tableau me rend complètement chèvre…

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Il doit être stocké « quelque part » et plus moyen de le supprimer… Il semble rémanent, quelque part dans les limbes…

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« Hey, je peux éditer un style une fois créé ? »
« Aimes-tu le XML ? » 🤷 🤔

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Je pense que c’est un très bon exemple des problèmes du WYSIWYG et des limitation de fonctionnalité quand on passe en GUI/clicodrome au lieu de CLI/code…
Vous imaginez que LibreOffice doit **DEVINER** **TOUT ÇA** juste à partir de votre pov’ tableau de quelques lignes et colonnes quand vous créez un style…

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@aeris Et encore… C’est light par rapport à d’autres formats pourris…

You are right @charly . Try doing that with .

I think I'll ask the board to fund sessions for psychological support for the developers that have to guess what little changes Microsoft introduces every so often in their proprietary format so that LibreOffice can open MS Office files decently well :-)

I'm promoting the adoption of in EU institutions to make it the standard in the whole of Europe so that everyone can start using a predictable and human readable format.


@paolo @charly That's ODT, not DOC… So even with free software and open format, we have format problem… with text cell conversion to number without warning on save/open, or weird behavior of table style.

@aeris My point was that at least in ODT you have a standard that could be human readable and predictable so the whole document is properly describe there.

In regards to the issue...

which version of LibreOffice are you using?

Isn't "Edit style" or "Update selected style" allowing you to change the style?


@paolo @charly This ODT XML is not very readable and predictable. At least not very much than current DOCX (see below).

@paolo @charly Currently using LO Edit style not existing for table and documented to be not implemented. Only editing raw XML after unzip is documented on support forum.

@aeris I'm not sure if I'm addressing the same issue but...

I've created 2 tables based on the same style, I've changed the colour of the cells in the headers, clicked on "Update selected style" and updated also the style of the second table with the settings from the first one.

The difference could be, and it may be that we found a bug, that I've assigned the colour to the cells and not the row.

Can you try that way?


@paolo @charly I have no «update selected style» on table style. And it's documented to be bugged as fuck then removed.

@paolo @charly And changing style also revert all special customisation of specific cell not supposed to be touched by the style (only header bg colors specified, reseting all other cell bg on all tables)

@paolo @charly And behavior on a save/close/open is totally… random…
For example, exactly at this time, from a backup at left, trying to change top-right header color with « update style » on F11 menu, given this after save/close/reopen… Just totally unusable…

@paolo @charly All advanced styling just wrecked most of the time on save/close/reopen, cell content dropped from string to monetary, removing all the content, etc.

@paolo @charly And behaviour highly unreproducible… Now, trying to apply a style on a table containing already customized bg color on some cell, all bg vanished but one cell… 😑

@aeris I'm able to reproduce that only I've set a specific colour to that cell.
If I clear direct formatting in that cell then if follows the applied style.

Not sure if this is by design, so that you can have variants on specific cells that don't get overridden by the style, or if it's a bug.


@paolo @charly Let's create a game : guess what LO will do on a given action… 😑

@aeris To eliminate the possibility that you found a bug that has been fixed could you upgrade to the latest version?
I'm using and for sure I can't reproduce random changes in the files once saved/reopened.

@paolo @charly Here it's not on save/reopen, just in live on the same document.

@paolo @charly For content lost, i was hit by this kind of change between save and reopen. Here it's real data lost…

@paolo @charly But sh****, upgrade to, just data lost at reopening… X goes to monetary…

@paolo @charly And another running gag with this case. Just have to do a video this time, it's just nightmare…

@aeris Clear direct formatting in this case works as it's keeping the "Cozy" style you applied and removed the colours you added "outside" the style.

I would say that it's an expected behaviour.

@paolo @charly It's expected but sometime not reseting bg, and here ctrl+z not reseting header color to previous color (stay black instead of white)

@aeris If I create a table, apply the style and do a ctrl+z it removes the colour of the header. @charly

@paolo @charly yep, but here i don't ctrl+z after a style apply but after a ctrl+m on a line (without the first column selected) 🤔


@aeris I think I found something that may explain some of the issues.

See here: bugs.documentfoundation.org/sh

If you set a number format in the cells that were replacing the text with "0,00 €" it may be explained by my comment and workaround.


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