is a lie.

If you want to use an Open Standard for your documents use
Live now at the @libreoffice

@paolo in my own online school I maintain, all students submit their works in #OpenDocumentFormat and Microsoft formats are all prohibited. Thanks for sharing this important presentation I really value it.

@ademalsasa @paolo

I was looking at forms that are required by our Communications Ministry (Ofcom) that must be filled in to apply for a licence for a radio broadcast station, and all the forms are now in ODF format (they don't even supply them in MSWord or PDF any more. Ofcom also use OSM nowadays for all their mapping of transmitter sites..)

I was part of the vast team that convinced the UK Government to adopt as the standard file format. Many institutions fail to use it but I'm pleased to know that at least Ofcom is doing the right thing 👍 @vfrmedia @ademalsasa

@paolo @vfrmedia wow, congratulations to your success! I am happy to find people who care about #ODF and really practice it like you, Paolo. Thank you very much for sharing.

Excellent @ademalsasa!

It would be great if more organisations would do that to make the first choice for documents exchange and archival.

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