I've voted for the pre-selection of GAIA-X AISBL members of the Board of Directors.

I voted for those I feel will make a platform based on , respectful of and EU's principles.

I hope that those sharing my views will vote for me as well.

Interesting association. Will there also be some collaboration between Horizon EU schemes like @NGIZero? It's a great looking association but if some collaboration can happen I think it would lift everyone up in the EU. Plus help to spearhead a more human centric internet.

@onepict it seems like @NGIZero is not a member of Gaia-X but I'm quite sure that some of their members are involved.

Maybe we can find ways to communicate and cooperate also on the Gaia-X project?

Well the person that runs the NGI Zero account is switched on. You missed a pretty cool EU activitypub summit a few weeks ago.

Thanks for making the connection Esther! We are not involved in the Gaia-X project, but appreciate your vote for a strong open source advocacy. Of course we are happy to explore possible connections.

@NGIZero @onepict @paolo I've been exploring what it means to get on board GAIA-X in the small way the #interpeer project can contribute, which would largely be as a *technology* provider of interconnection and networking services. It's a little unclear as yet to what degree that fits.

Hi @jens, could you provide more info about it? I'm not yet part of any specific working group in but if it's relevant I or a member of @NGIZero could propose it as an option/add-on. @onepict

@paolo @NGIZero It's complicated.

#interpeer is a NGI project, yes. The goal here is, I currently believe, not a 100% fit with GAIA-X, but I may learn I'm mistaken.

I am switching back and forth between this and other projects which are not NGI, but ECSEL-JU.

They overlap, also with GAIA-X, on connectivity - in particular on establishing reliability via failover and providing security in connectivity to IoT devices or autonomous vehicles.


@paolo @NGIZero

I can see value in also working towards making this fit in with the GAIA-X framework.

Only yesterday I posted a more technical update here:


@jens I've read the description provided and found it very useful and it all makes sense. I do not have enough experience/knowledge to validate it but I see its usefulness in some fields. However I'm not sure yet if the Gaia-X project will include working groups that will go into that "level of details". At present we are dealing with the high level infrastructure components and protocols for managing compliant exchanges in data spaces. @NGIZero @onepict

@paolo @NGIZero @onepict Yes, I had much the same impression! It would be interesting to be part of that discussion if only because I am aware of what is being done in those other fields, so as not to work at cross purposes. In reality, I would expect my contribution there to be small.

For example, I do not know yet how connectivity services are described in GAIA-X. But the kind of data links we are building must, for example, guarantee some kind of latency and throughput in order to e.g. ...

... fulfill the legal requirements for use in drones. It would be worth keeping an eye on also describing those characteristics if other components in GAIA-X wish to select appropriate networks for their use-case. That is the kind of thing I would expect that I can contribute offhand.

@NGIZero @onepict

@jens Devices that use the protocol you described will feed the data spaces but through gateways so the Gaia-X infrastructure may not have to manage or connect directly to those devices which will be handled by the manufacturers/data providers. @NGIZero @onepict

@jens I'll have to see which WG may work/be interested in that. Maybe you could also check with OpenNebula as they are working a lot also on the Edge side and they could need to talk directly with remote edge nodes that could benefit from what you describe. @NGIZero @onepict

I think there could be something where @librecast (also NGI Zero) could perhaps fit in with Gaia-X. Regardless there's alot of convergence of thought with several agencies and projects. So à good place to start is to talk about this more. I will have a deeper look.
@jens @NGIZero

@onepict Gaia-X is and will be an Open Source project so IMHO is essential that the wider Open Source communities, not just the institutional members, contribute and propose projects of which the Working Groups may not be aware of. There are a few goals that needs to be reached to make the project usable ASAP to show that it can provide real value for all of as but in the meantime we should create a shared repository of all those proposals. @librecast @jens @NGIZero

Good idea. At the moment there are several spots that the community congregate. Although with most of the NGI funding community are. There are a couple of forums and at least one funding platform which is fundingbox. my sense of fundingbox is to find commercial partners. You also have, where there is a mix of activism and policy discussions.
@librecast @jens @NGIZero

I've known Paolo for years. He advocated for OpenUK in the past, and he's always a fixture at LibreOffice events. He's a community player.

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