Finally the the European Commission unveiled its Open Source strategy 2020-2023.

It seems like finally we'll see a proper move in terms of adoption not just by European institutions but also from Governments and private companies now that the EC is making the first bold and official move.

@MrPink The EU is having a due debate as some, maybe sponsored by 5 Eyes countries, think there is a magic way to have backdoors in encryption while those that know how it works are telling them once and for all that that's not the way maths works.

There has been a number of those sensationalistic articles which unfortunately haven't understood the scope of the debate.

@paolo I totally agree. And there is no back doors only for the good guys. You can ADK a key and stills risky and leakable, too dangerous. While there are new algorithms strongers than ever in a box out of public eyes, some intend to weak the current ones. Thanks for share your thoughts.

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