Setting up the Big Blue Button.

A few sysadmin are desperate as the usual suspects use the flu panic to convince schools to use their "Cloud" stuff so they asked me if I knew of some alternatives.

It seems very promising, I'll report back after the installation.

The setup went very smoothly, did some tests to see what I could break but I've seen that by re-running the setup scripts it fixes everything on its own.
From tomorrow we should start testing with 100+ participants to see how it copes with the load and do a bit of fine tuning.


@nemobis Much better than expected. 32 people online, up to 18 webcams on during the meeting and the server going at about 20% load while video and audio was excellent.
Most of the load caused by the highres webcams but during normal trainings cams and microphones are off so I expect it to support hundreds of concurrent users.
The server uses the standard 'out of the box' configuration. With some fine tuning it may support even more users.

@paolo Excellent! Do you want to write about it in our blog ? If so please write us at


@wikimediaitalia Ma in Italiano o in Inglese?
Magari anche @maupao che è uno dei promotori del test vuole partecipare? @nemobis

@paolo Direi in italiano, visto che è il pubblico principale al momento. Personalmente consiglio di tenerla semplice, una storia della specifica esperienza che si possa scrivere in tempi brevi senza troppi giri. Se scrivi all'indirizzo sopra, ti risponderà Francesca U. che ti sa dire meglio.

@wikimediaitalia @maupao

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