It seems like users are out en masse to suggest Jack that not just an Open Source and decentralised standard already exist but also an complete Social Network is already there and it keeps growing.

@paolo this is a severe case of protocol envy, if you ask me


With the difference that ActivityPub is already a Recommendation standard by W3C

@paolo But still, Mastodon is federated, not truly decentralised. The site admin has a lot of power over what the users of that instance get to see or not.

@jwildeboer True and that could be a good thing. Most don't want or don't have the technical capabilities to manage their own instance so they delegate that to a third party already.
Having the choice of having an account with an instance and move all your data to another one if the user is not happy with the admin is anyway a big improvement.
My dream is to have a "set top box" where each household can have their own email server or Mastodon instance but there is still work to do.

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