Poll of the day:

If a party is advertising on for the next you are going to...:

@paolo Missing option: the fact that they're advertising on Facebook would not effect my decision.
It just seems like a pointless bit of info for me. Sure, Facebook sucks, but we can't blame people for not all knowing about the Fediverse. I'd still research the party and decide who to vote for based on their views, plans, past, etc.
Besides, I don't check Facebook. So I probably wouldn't even know.

@Mayana That's the right answer but it doesn't fit in the poll list 😉

We know that most people don't know about the Fediferse, that they should do something to protect their privacy or that Facebook is a problematic platform that needs breaking up.... but one person at the time we'll get more awareness out there.

@paolo Agreed. But we definitely shouldn't be spreading awareness by doing petty things like not voting for a party because they use a privacy unfriendly service. Unfortunately the vast majority still use those websites, so even political parties have to, since they want more voters. has a Twitter account too, which doesn't mean that it doesn't offer a lot of information about staying private. They just have to spread that info to a greater amount of people somehow.

@paolo Of course, if you find a political party that does care about privacy and refuses to use such services, go, vote! But that's unfortunately a pretty rare phenomenon for now, so if you refuse to vote for candidates that use Facebook, you might not be able to vote at all. And that's bad, please go vote. :)
Damn, I've ranted way too much about a simple poll. Apologies.

@Mayana Mine was provocation so it's totally your right to rant away.
I still would prefer parties and public sector not to spend any taxpayers money in advertising with FB, Twatter or other social networks as by doing so they feed and legitimise them.

@paolo Agreed, it'd certainly be wonderful if they didn't. They might get less voters that way, but who knows? Perhaps it doesn't matter as much as they think.

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