how many of you came back from with a flu?

I did and recovering only now.
A few other participants confirmed they had the same.

Could that be a plot by proprietary software manufacturers to slow down the advance of software? ;-)

@paolo same here, but I think it's just typical belgian weather

Same timing as the officially declared national flu epidemic just 3 days after #fosdem

@paolo the weather, the crowded rooms. To be honest, I find the FOSDEM location unbearable. For me to come back it either has to change to summer (so you can socialize outside) or switch to a location that can *realistically* accommodate the 5k+ people. Free of charge is nice, but that's too many people in too little space at the wrong time of year. Unfortunately.

@fab_ian April/May would be perfect. I always wondered but never checked why it has been decided to do it in February.
The venue seems OK to me though.

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