I’m thrilled to welcome @Edent to our efforts to create the most advanced health and care system in the world!

As editor of the W3C HTML spec and open standards lead at @GDSteam@twitter.com, he brings loads of expertise to progress the interoperability thread through the #techvision. #makethingsopen #healthtech



@hadleybeeman I guess reading the Skunk Works book helped ;-) I hope @Edent will be allowed to actually deliver his magic. I tried, also with the NHoS team, but while we got bounced by the management which though it was better to chuck more money to the usual vendors. I really hope for you to succeed 🙂

BTW is any of you coming to FOSDEM?

@paolo @hadleybeeman thanks! Not sure I have timebfor Fosdem this year, but hoping to be at some other conferences.

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