Seems like Hagrid will get some federation thanks to gnupg team complaining about that.

Can't wait to host it

Even if Hagrid gets federation it will be federating only “non-identity” information (so no User IDs). Currently GnuPG won’t process keys without User IDs so there’s no point in this kind of crippled “federation”.

On the other hand Web Key Directory provides true federation as keys are downloaded from key-holder’s domain (just like in Mastodon, e-mail, XMPP...).

@wiktor I still see a point of decentralization in it. Centralizing all requests just on one server is not smart. There is a lot of other metadata shared like IPs of users and probably more.

WKD won't be option for many users who doesn't have access to their hosted email services.

I see your point but maybe using hagrid through Tor would be a better option when hiding metadata is necessary:

One of many issues with the SKS network is that many nodes are not properly maintained so the end user gets an inferior service.

If it gets federated I'd rather see something akin to Certificate Transparency logs where each log is accountable for the data they return. Logs sign proofs of including data and it’s easy to spot if they “lie”. For OpenPGP there were CONIKS and Key Transparency, unfortunately they didn’t get far.

And then there’s this User ID issue I mentioned that, until resolved, effectively prohibits any kind of federation.

@wiktor using tor is not an option for mass decentralization. Let's see what devs will come up with :-)

Yep :) By the way I don’t know if you’ve seen it but hagrid has a #hagrid channel on freenode where developers sometimes discuss future features.

See you later! 👋

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