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What do your Facebook posts, who you follow on Instagram and who you interact with the most on social media say about you? According to the tech startup Voyager Labs, that information could help police figure out if you have committed or plan to commit a crime.

It’s that time of the year when people will be traveling, relaxing and generally trying to have a good time in this crazy situation. Travel and vacations have some specific privacy challenges, which we will be exploring in this Salon.

Today, the European Parliament approved the ePrivacy Derogation, allowing providers of e-mail and messaging services to automatically search all personal messages of each citizen for presumed suspect content and report suspected cases to the police.

Looking for some anti-censhorship tools/tech/ideas for static web content.

Do you have some ideas/links to share?

ALPACA is an application layer protocol content confusion attack, exploiting TLS servers implementing different protocols but using compatible certificates, such as multi-domain or wildcard certificates. Attackers can redirect traffic from one subdomain to another, resulting in a valid TLS session. This breaks the authentication of TLS and cross-protocol attacks may be possible where the behavior of one protocol service may compromise the other at the application layer.

I can no longer recommend "pretty easy privacy" a.k.a. pEp email clients due strong unethical behavior of the company behind them. I highly recommend to use alternative solutions.

How to observe law enforcement surveillance

The Atlas of Surveillance is a database of surveillance technologies deployed by law enforcement

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