A Manifesto for the Self-Empowerment of Internet Users


We, the signatories of this manifesto, are firmly convinced that the Internet can and must be owned by the users. This requires trustworthy communication technology, which:

Guarantees the privacy and rights of users by technical means.
Is developed under an approved free and open source license.
Is solely run de-centrally and collectively by the users.

Testing p≡p OpenPGP private key synchronisation protocol between multiple iOS, Windows and Android devices and it works great :)
Linux and OSX testing in the queue.

I can read and write encrypted emails on all devices finally with the same private/public key and 1 click setup.

Google doesn't want to give access to Gmail for pEp apps, because they are not email clients but security and privacy apps. Security and privacy apps are not allowed to access Gmail under Google user data policy.

pEp apps will drop support for key servers in the upcoming releases.

Only peer2peer key exchange will be supported.

Reading few recent articles about so called experts recommending What'sApp or Signal instead of GPG.

How is centralized service, without possibility to federate supposed to be better?

Or better how could ever be completely closed source service managed by Facebook with new privacy violations every week be better?

Someone should teach the journalists the differences..

It seems that pEp email clients will loose access to Gmail accounts bcs Google is too slow to verify the apps.

I'd suggest to switch from Gmail to selfhosted email.

Testing Sequoia encryption/decryption speed. Results are significantly better than GnuPG. Time to switch your projects from GnuPG to Sequoia.



Protonmail voluntarily and proactively sharing data in real time with Swiss police


It's time for some better service.

pEp nominated as a Security Project of the year in Luxembourg


Encryption Europe is an industry alliance of European companies committed to make encryption simple, useful and stable for everyone.

To become a member of Encryption Europe is simple: no weak encryption solutions or products, no backdoors, no key escrows. We represent and promote the best practice in encryption standards.

In Europe, no security without privacy.

Beginning with Android, pEp will get dark themes on all platforms.

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