I can no longer recommend "pretty easy privacy" a.k.a. pEp email clients due strong unethical behavior of the company behind them. I highly recommend to use alternative solutions.

How to observe law enforcement surveillance


The Atlas of Surveillance is a database of surveillance technologies deployed by law enforcement


The Widespread Power of U.S. Law Enforcement to Search Mobile Phones


Based on 110 public records requests to state and local law enforcement agencies across the country, our research documents more than 2,000 agencies that have purchased these tools, in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. We found that state and local law enforcement agencies have performed hundreds of thousands of cellphone extractions since 2015, often without a warrant.

Building a fenced garden, one step at a time

"In the name of security and privacy, Google is taking away the ability for users to select third-party camera apps in Android 11, forcing users to rely on the built-in camera app."


Considering that Atlassian’s policy and government affairs head, Patrick Zhang complained about the encryption laws in Australia, I'd suggest to give 0 trust to Atlassian products like jira, since most likely it contains some backdoor as required by local laws. Also isolating any email account used by its products

An Investigation Into PEPP-PT by Nadim Kobeissi


PEPP-PT = Pan-European Privacy-Preserving Proximity Tracing, which some governments (Hi Germany) want to make it centralized and not really privacy preserving..


The Luxembourgish prime minister reiterated that the government was against contact tracing apps unless a common solution is found on a European level.

The entire coalition government takes privacy laws extremely seriously, the prime minister underlined. "We have to know the side effects before we approve a similar measure," Bettel emphasised.

Scammers now sending old passwords to associated emails from old leaks, good reminder for anyone who still don't use unique passwords.

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Details over DM


Did you know that no company with a telecom operator license in Europe is allowed to provide end to end encryption on a telephony service. They all have to be able to activate lawful interception for law enforcement agencies without the knowledge of the customer at any time.

Seems like Hagrid will get some federation thanks to gnupg team complaining about that.

Can't wait to host it

This project contains ruby-bindings for Sequoia-PGP (v0.13.0), an
OpenPGP implementation in Rust



Encryptioneurope.eu is on Stand G3

Join us for some talk about encryption and security.

29.01.2020 Crypto Apero AI Edition

In this edition of the Crypto Apero we’ll explore the good, the bad and the plain stupid of everyday AI and investigate if we really want a computer programme to mix our cocktails….


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