For those willing to programme in Python like pros, here's a free workshop at Level2 on 23rd March. Share, please!

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A Brit asked for popcorns while watching the vote....
Not a problem, at hacker space we found what's needed.

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Next Digital Salon - a deep dive into the increasing use of tech, including IoT, in domestic abuse cases

Free, all welcome 05/02/19, 19:00 at @Level2Lu

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btw, anyone know an apartment to rent in Luxembourg city?

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Aaaand @paolo announces extra perks for syn2cat hackerspace members during . friendly tools

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Someone's finally going to jail over the #PanamaPapers: a #TurkishJournalist who reported true facts from them


The is starting at Level2. This year the Privacy Salon turns 6. With @cataspanglish @rafi0t

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Excellent reading for the weekend:

Open Reference Architecture for and


Odd to see that @MISPProject is not included in the list of security applications but overall a very nice and well written document.

Maybe and could contribute to the document?

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