I don't think many people ask the anesthesiologist about the equipment OS, updates and Internet connectivity before signing that "informed about all risks" paper. Nor do anesthesiologists know how to respond.

For those willing to programme in Python like pros, here's a free workshop at Level2 on 23rd March. Share, please! eventbrite.com/e/python-101-th

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A Brit asked for popcorns while watching the vote....
Not a problem, at hacker space we found what's needed.

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Next Digital Salon - a deep dive into the increasing use of tech, including IoT, in domestic abuse cases

Free, all welcome 05/02/19, 19:00 at @Level2Lu


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btw, anyone know an apartment to rent in Luxembourg city?

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Aaaand @paolo announces extra perks for syn2cat hackerspace members during . friendly tools

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RT @Geopolitics_Emp@twitter.com

Someone's finally going to jail over the #PanamaPapers: a #TurkishJournalist who reported true facts from them @doctorow@twitter.com boingboing.net/2019/01/09/free

🐦🔗: twitter.com/Geopolitics_Emp/st

The is starting at Level2. This year the Privacy Salon turns 6. With @cataspanglish @rafi0t

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Excellent reading for the weekend:

Open Reference Architecture for and


Odd to see that @MISPProject is not included in the list of security applications but overall a very nice and well written document.

Maybe and could contribute to the document?

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