It's unset but 5 is the default when CVSS is not set.

don't hesitate to join and start your channel for your project/idea.

MISP priv instance will be unavailable from Today starting at 13:00 CEST until 00:00 CEST for a major hardware migration to improve performance and availability of the platform. Sorry for the inconveniences.

A vulnerability has been discovered in Cisco Small Business, Smart, and Managed Switches, which could allow for a denial-of-service condition. Successful exploitation of this vulnerability could allow an attacker to cause the switches' management CLI to stop responding.

Great! Thanks for joining us. Your project sounds like a very important piece of software for the future of orchestration in open source security tools.

on a eu 2 VLN rapportées grâce à ce dispositif 👍

We have a high load on the back-end, so you might have some intermittent issues. We are working on a major upgrade for the next weeks. Sorry for the inconveniences.

Sure, a team can be a single person willing to work on a specific project. You can discuss with all the other teams in chat, if you want to collaborate on a specific topic/project.

we just did. Let us know if you see something else or something missing.

We had an issue on the negotiation on a fiber converter. This was introducing some latency issues in some of our public services such MISP or cve-search, it should be back to nominal. Sorry for the inconveniences.

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