Hello world! Happy to finally be part of the Mastodon community. Follow us if you are interested in #privacy #personaldata #dataexploitation and #surveillance, we'll be talking a lot about these.

#newcomer #presentation

Next Digital Salon - a deep dive into the increasing use of tech, including IoT, in domestic abuse cases

Free, all welcome 05/02/19, 19:00 at @Level2Lu


Here's @Nanohenry presenting the8 bits processor visualisation tool he developed for the .

morning all, down with the dreaded lurgi :( 67 days till brexit

btw, anyone know an apartment to rent in Luxembourg city?

Aaaand @paolo announces extra perks for syn2cat hackerspace members during . friendly tools

(almost) LAST CALL!
Resolved to protect your privacy more in 2019?

Got new devices & want to be sure they are only sharing what YOU want to?

Come to Salon Today 16/01/19, 19:00 at @Level2Lu : Privacy Resolution Time! free entry/snacks! all welcome


roll up, roll up for another day of the shitshow! Popcorn at the ready! 72 days till brexit

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