During a meeting, did someone at Microsoft mishear "Teams" for "teens"?

And now Microsoft is mulling buying TikTok? Be honest

Facebook Q2 2020 v Q2 2019

* $18.7bn revenue (+11%)
* $5.2bn profit (+98%)
* 1.8bn daily users (+12%)
* 2.7bn monthly users (+12%)

* Ad revenue rising despite boycott
* Users rising despite online outcry

No wonder Zuckerberg let rip at negative press commentary in analyst call

Intel says its "7nm-based CPU product timing is shifting approximately 6 months relative to prior expectations.

"The primary driver is the yield of Intel's 7nm process, which based on recent data, is now trending approximately 12 months behind the company's internal target."

Meanwhile, it is "accelerating its transition to 10nm products this year with increasing volumes ... This includes a growing portfolio of 10nm-based Intel Core processors ... and the first 10nm-based server CPU 'Ice Lake,' which remains planned for the end of this year."

We hate to spoil the magic, but we routinely speculatively cache headlines in anticipation of using them in future.

If Nvidia buys Arm, and there's a change in CEO at Arm or a leader of a technical committee quits, we're totally calling dibs on the headline:

Head legs Arm body

Thank you for your patches. Please don't forget to sign the Register CLA.

Steering toward the following patch for version 2.0.

- if(urgeToMurder > 0) urgeToMurder = 0;
+ const static int urgeToMurder = 0;


Scientists, instead of worrying about killer AI robots, why not apply this simple software patch...

+ if(urgeToMurder > 0) urgeToMurder = 0;

...thus eliminating any possible danger of Terminators rising up against humanity and the catastrophic destruction of civilization

If you could ask your fellow IT pros anything, what would it be?

We regularly survey our readers, lately taking litmus tests of the industry on its coronavirus planning, remote working, cloud usage, and IT spending.

What else should we be asking?

to encourage social distancing by distancing everyone from the internet

< A GIF of someone cutting into Twitter security but like everything else, it's made of cake >

And yeah, so basically, that's how aliens prevented World War 3 in 1987. End of thread. 12/12

Oh wait, you didn't get the rest? OK, some other time, then!

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