OpenBSD bugs, Microsoft's bad update, a new Nork hacking crew, and more 

FTC kicks feet through ash pile that once was Cambridge Analytica with belated verdict 

Elon Musk gets thumbs up from jury for use of 'pedo guy' in cave diver defamation lawsuit 

Forget sharks with lasers, NASA kits out an elephant seal with a sensor-studded skullcap 

WebAssembly gets nod from W3C and, most likely, an embrace from cryptojackers online 

China fires up 'Great Cannon' denial-of-service blaster, points it toward Hong Kong 

Samsung Galaxy S11 tipped to escalate the phone cam arms race with 108MP sensor 

Cloud vendors burp after last year's server sales feast, couldn't possibly eat any more 

Ireland's B.ICONIC snaffles Stormfront to become largest Apple reseller in the UK 

Still in preview, but look! You can now develop Azure Sphere apps in Linux – if you dare 

Nokia 2.3: HMD flings out €109 budget 'droid with a 2-day battery 

Ohhh, you're so rugged! Microsoft swoons at new Lenovo box pushing Azure to the edge 

Listen up you bunch of bankers. Here are some pointers for less crap IT 

[Event] Continuous Lifecycle London 2020 blind-bird offer takes off soon: Book your place today 

Apple: Mysterious iOS 11 location pings were because of 'ultra-wideband compliance' 

Hey kids! Forget about Disney – who fancies a trip to DevOps World? 

Reasons to be fearful 2020: Smishing, public Wi-Fi, deepfakes... and all the usual suspects 

DeepMind founder behind NHS data slurp to be beamed up to Google mothership 

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