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as a way to document cti reports as cases.

But most of it is beeing kept as a doc.

The transport like TAXII is just a matter of choosing the a TAXII client which will drop your STIX files to be process by

reporting around specific tags, events of interest. Thank you!

Hey! Interacting with event-report is already exposed via the API. If there is anything that you think is missing, please let us know! Thanks!

feature ASAP!
Thanks, as always great job and news!

Cool! let us know how it goes. Nevertheless we will recommend MISP standard for the best experience ;-)

Thank your for mentioning us. It's great but MISP Project is Open Source Threat Intelligence Platform &
Open Standards For Threat Information Sharing ;-)

comes in handy. Log what you see and track the behaviour over time, see if it changes.

This is very cool! I had been thinking of mocking up something specific to ATT&CK where like on hover or click you go to the entity itself, will have to take a look w/ the galaxy!

Could you make an example? You mean a galaxy about techniques by an organisation to see the gaps of detection from a specific organisation compared to a MISP event?

Cool. Do you have a blog post or a documentation where MISP users could get more details on how to setup this?

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